52 Weeks of Happy have been popping up on the various blogs I stalk and it seems fun so why not?

Lots of things made me happy in the last week, but something today made me especially happy.

My new iPad!!! This morning Alex said to me, "Let's go buy you an iPad today." How can I refuse an offer like that? I had a plan to buy one in April, but now is better, right? :)

Do you have an iPad? What apps do you love? I have an iPhone, so I have a few in mind already, but I would love to hear your suggestions!


  1. knit companion! good reader! kindle app!tweetbot!

  2. Yay for your new iPad! I love NewsBlur for blog reading, drop box, good reader and JKnitHDlite for patterns! Enjoy!!

  3. I like 1,2,3 Knit! to keep track of my projects and keep a permanent record of what I've made. I just bought the book Cast On, Bind Off so I can reference it easily since I don't carry the book around. My new favorite is KnitSpeaker. I love lace patterns and after entering the info, it reads the pattern at whatever pace you set it to. I had a problem with inputting info and I sent an email to the developer and she called me 15 minutes later to help me! Enjoy your new iPad!

  4. I love my ipad.

    I use knit companion - it takes a little while to set up a project, but I find it invaluable for bigger or complicated projects.

    Phonto is brilliant. I use it to copy and past care instructions onto a photo of a project, then print (wireless printer) onto a photo sized paper. They go with all my pressies.

    I also download all the Sockupied mags onto it, and my ibooks has different folders for different types of patterns I have downloaded so many off ravelry.

    My ipad is pretty much only used for knitting, printing photos, tweet bot and an RSS reader.



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