Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Hat Book

Before I talk about this week's book, we need a winner from last week's book giveaway. And the winner is....Michele/pdxknitterati (go read her blog, it's great!). Yay Michele!

This week, I took a look at Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Hat Book. This book has been out for awhile (as I said a couple weeks ago, I am super behind on the books around here).
The book is a collection of 50 patterns, many of which are new. At first glance at the book, I thought they were all new, but I recognized the Double Knit Hat from an old Vogue Knitting magazine. I remember really loving it when I saw it in the magazine then, and I still love it now.

The book starts with a brief history about hats and some hat knitting basics.
From there, it's broken up into several sections, making it easy for the knitter to find what they want.
Some of the hat patterns are a little out there for me. But, it's Vogue, so you kinda expect that. There are several that I loved though! Here are a few:

Newsboy Cap:
Nordic Snowflake Tuque:
and the Brioche Swirl Hat:
The book is chart-heavy. The lace, cables and colorwork hats have charts without the accompanying written instructions, so that's something to consider if you are not a chart person. I think this is a great book to add to your collection if you are an accessories knitter. Lots of new techniques to try for sure! However, if you are looking for a book with hats for men, this is not the book for you. You are not going to find one in this book.

Want to see all the patterns in this book? You can check out them out here.

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