It's Doomvember!

I'm quite excited to be the next stop on the Doomvember blog tour. What's Doomvember, you ask? We have a blog tour going for all the patterns in the upcoming book, Doomsday Knits! The book is published by Cooperative Press and my pattern is the Wayfarer shawl.
It's a triangle shawl but knit up in kind of an unexpected way. You knit the two halves of the triangle separately and then bring them together with ribbon, cord, or whatever else you can find after you survived the apocalypse. You can find my shawl in the "Wasteland Vagabonds" section of the book.
Alex Tinsley did such an amazing job with this book. The clothes, makeup, backdrops. Her creativity is endless! As soon as I saw the call for design, I knew I had to send a submission. What a great idea for a book. Here's some details of my original submission:

 I never thought that wee swatch would turn into a shawl that was photographed like this:

The book is available for pre-order now on the Cooperative Press website. And, you can check out all the patterns on Ravelry (patterns are being added everyday from the book to Rav, so check it out often).

Want to get caught up on the blog tour? Check out the schedule here. And tomorrow, stop by ArgentGal Designs for her blog post!

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