Sock-Yarn Shawls II: Jasmine

Today's pattern feature from Sock-Yarn Shawls II is another small one-skein shawl. It's Jasmine:
Jasmine is a small short-row shawl worked from the bottom up. Like Juniper, you start with the lace pattern and then transition to the stockinette short row body. The sample is knit out of some lovely Dragonfly Fibers yarn.

I named the shawl Jasmine because the stitch pattern reminded me of perfume bottles (I don't know, my brain is weird). Maybe the kind of bottle a cartoon genie would come out of. ;)

This is definitely the smallest shawl in the book. A true shawlette. Even with it being small, there's still some great ways to wear it. A small shawl like this tucks perfectly into your jacket.
I especially like turning these tiny shawls into a 'sort-of cowl.'
I just tie a loose knot underneath the shawl to keep it in place!
I think this shawl goes great with my "Does a bear knit in the woods?" shirt, don't you?

Stay tuned - I'll be back on Thursday to talk about Monarda (which might be my favorite shawl in the book).

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Image from Sock Yarn Shawls II by Jen Lucas, Martingale, 2015; used with permission. Photos by Brent Kane. All rights reserved. 

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