The Pattern Checklist

Last week I posted this photo on Instagram after releasing Bandwagon and someone asked if I had posted it anywhere. I hadn't - until now. :)
When I was working in the lab, I was the queen of checklists. I had one coworker who could remember everything in his head. Not me. I had a daily checklist of reports to send, bottles to prep, tests to do. But when it came to my design business, there were no checklists. When I would release a new pattern I would try to remember everything I had to do or wanted to do and, of course, things got missed all the time. When I left my lab job last April, I started forming some checklists for the business, but it really came together after reading this post from Tara Swiger. After reading that, the pattern release checklist was formed!

My new pattern checklist has been a total lifesaver. While it's always evolving and I'm finding ways to make it better, it saves me from having to think - which I like. :) Just follow the checklist and everything will get done!

Here's what goes on my checklist:

  • Post Pattern to Ravelry 
  • Import to LoveKnitting
  • Add to Ravelry forum threads
  • Tweets
    • When Pattern is Live
    • 6 hours later
    • 18 hours later
    • 3 days later
    • 7 days later
    • 21 days later
  • Facebook
    • When Pattern is Live
    • 6 weeks later, on a Saturday
  • Blog - post within 5 days of pattern release
    • Tweet blog post
    • Optional (check social media calendar)
      • Tweet  blog post 3 days later
      • Tweet blog post 2 months later, on a Monday
      • Facebook blog post 24-48 hours later
  • Instagram - Post Photo
  • Email list - schedule email blast
  • Coupon Code or Discount?
    • If yes, set up coupon code and add info to Rav pattern page
    • Add to Calendar when to remove coupon code info from pattern page/change price
I allow myself some wiggle room on the social media stuff. Because I have other things going on besides the self-publishing, I might already have something scheduled to post that day, so I just adjust a bit as necessary. I like to have things scheduled, but I don't want too many things on one day.

That's it! Are you a designer? Is there anything else you add to your pattern checklist?

I've printed several copies of my checklist and added them to my arc planner. They are ready for use when I have a new pattern. Laura got me hooked on the arc planner and now I'm getting very addicted to it. Here's mine:
I have a few dividers in there to keep track of stuff:
If you're a designer or blogger who wants a checklist, I hope this helps you develop one of your own.

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