Hat Recap

Today I did some more organizing of the hats for my Hat KAL/CAL. Over the last couple weeks, more hats have been pouring in.

One day I arrived went to the post office to check the PO Box and came home with this.
Lots of great hats inside to donate!

Today I went and picked up three more hats from the post office. The current hat count continues to blow me away.
I've done some final tallies in the Ravelry group. If you mailed me hats, please check the list to make sure you see your name. I will be using that list to draw winners for prizes at the end of this week!

Thank you again to everyone for all their help for this chemo cap collection. It makes me so happy to see hand-knitters, crocheters and machine knitters all coming together for a great cause. :) 

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