Danielle Shawl

Last week, I told you all about my new pattern Savanna made with Done Roving Frolicking Feet Transistions yarn. Well, this week I'm happy to tell you that my Danielle shawl, which uses the same yarn, is now available for individual download! Yippee!


This shawl uses half-pi construction to form the shape. The same lace pattern is used throughout the whole shawl, making it a great choice for this yarn, which transitions from solids to variegated throughout the ball.
 This shawl was knit out of the Pumpkin Botanicals colorway, and will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe this fall.


And, while I love the transitional yarn that Done Roving has done, I have seen some very pretty ones on Ravelry where just one skein of a striped or variegated yarn was used. This shawl is great for whatever might be in your sock-yarn stash!


Stitches Haul

It's possible that I overdid it on the yarn buying at Stitches this year.
Um, that is a lot of yarn (and project bags too...oops). There is one ball from KnitCircus that is missing - I already have turned it into a new shawl design.

Included in the haul was KnitCircus (I bought two balls of the gradient yarn), and another gradient from Apple Tree Knits. I got four (!!!) skeins from Fresh From the Cauldron, and four (again, !!!) skeins from Bijou Basin Ranch. There's the custom Stitches skein from Three Irish Girls and some Lost City Knits. I got Kristin Omdaul's new Bamboo so fine yarn and some Fiber Story. Finally there were a couple of shawl pins, some project bags, and some new needles (for the new shawl I started over the weekend). Yikes.

One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing my Wayfarer shawl in the Fresh From the Cauldron booth. I had no idea they used my pattern for a sample. I love it!
It was a great weekend full of fun with my friends and some great classes. Did you make it out to Stitches Midwest this year? If so, did you get anything good?


New Pattern - Savanna

I'm so excited to tell all of you about my latest pattern. It's Savanna:


Paula at Done Roving Yarns asked me to create a new shawl pattern for her latest yarn - Frolicking Feet Transitions. I had used the yarn for my Danielle shawl in Love of Knitting magazine. I really loved working with it, so I was happy to design another shawl!

This time I used the colorway Spring Meadow. I loved the yarn in the ball, but once I started knitting the shawl, the colors just stood out beautifully.
I designed this shawl so that the variegated portions would contain an eyelet-y pattern while the solid portion would have a larger lace motif. This way the yarn and the pattern don't fight each other. They work together to make a pretty shawl.
With 480 yards in one ball of this yarn, you can get a pretty good sized finished shawl. I am so happy with the way it wears!

I have another design in the works for this yarn. It's been a fun challenge for me to work with this changing yarn!


Stitches Ready

Stitches Midwest is this weekend. I am so excited to spend another year there with my friends, taking classes, and having a good time. I'm taking two classes again this year. One with Myra Wood (Crazy Lace Borders and Edgings) and one with Edie Eckman (Around the Corner Crochet Borders). I am border-obsessed, so I think these will both be great classes for me!

I've been trying to plan out my knitting and crochet projects for the upcoming weekend. I haven't made a final decision on something to crochet, but I have decided that my knitting project will be a Moonraker. I was looking for something garter stitch-y, because those are usually good projects for convention knitting. This is my yarn choice:
Gotta stash dive for this project to make room for all the new yarn I plan to acquire this weekend.

If you're at Stitches Midwest this weekend, come say hi! I'll be around all weekend, and I'm doing a book signing on Saturday 8/9 in the Yarn Barn of Kansas booth (Booth 501). I'll be there at 2pm!


The Hat Pile, It Grows

Over the last couple of weeks, the hats from my Hat KAL/CAL for Hope have been arriving. I have 42 hats so far, and I know of at least another 18 that are going to show up. It's so incredible. It's why I love knitters and crocheters so so much. So kind and generous. Makes me happy.

Laura gave me 5 crocheted hats.
Rachel and Sharon each sent me 3 hats:
Kandy sent me 7 hats!

Jody sent 2 hats. I love the one on the right. It reminds me of my college days at Loyola. Go Ramblers! :)
Marolee sent me 6 crocheted hats!
And Sally mailed 8 (!!!) hats. She was one busy lady!
It's so amazing what the crafty people can do when we all work together.

Happy hat knitting & crocheting!


What is this? More spinning?

After finishing up the last spinning project, I immediately went to the fiber stash and pulled out some more roving from the Sweet Georgia Fibre Club. This one is from the March shipment. The color is Winter Thaw and it's Superwash BFL, one of my favorites to spin.
I love this one. The greens and the blues and the browns blend together beautifully. Like the last yarn I spun up, I made a 3-ply by chain plying the singles. I always want a thinner yarn, but when I get to the end I really want to chain ply. I guess I need to work on getting thinner singles!

This one is around 160 yards/4oz. I have added it to the pile of yarns that I have spun up but never knit. :)


Spinning Once Again

My poor spinning wheel. It sits in the corner collecting dust for months at a time. And, I thought when I joined the Sweet Georgia Fibre Club that would make me want to get the ol' wheel out more. Nope. I have 6 months worth of fiber from the club and just now finished spinning one up. But now I'm on a roll and have started on a second one! (we'll see how long that lasts).

Anyway, here is the yarn I just finished up:
This was actually the February shipment. The colorway is Love Letters. It's so pretty. And, it's a merino/bamboo/silk blend. So yummy.
I separated the colors out best I could into three piles: purple, pink and grey. And then I split the purple and pink piles in half. I spun the singles by doing purple, pink, grey, pink and purple. Then I chain plied it. So, I have a kind of gradient-ish yarn. I ended up with about 150 yards in the end. Not sure what I will make with it. I have a real habit of spinning the yarn and then never using it. Just petting/admiring it. :)

I didn't sign up for the third quarter for the club. But I've told myself if I finish spinning at least half of what I already received, maybe I'll treat myself to the 4th quarter shipments. We'll see what happens.

Happy spinning!


Blog Interview: Andrea Jurgrau

Recently I was able to get a review copy on the new book New Vintage Lace by Andrea Jurgrau. I immediately fell in love. The projects in the book are so beautiful and I love lace and lace design so much I just had to find out more about her and her new book.
Here is my interview with Andrea:

How did you get started in designing knitting patterns? 

I started about a decade ago, when I friend of mine started a yarn company.  She needed some “yarn support” and I was already designing my own lace, but not really documenting what I was knitting.  I starting writing up my designs and just kept going!

What inspired you to write this book? 

I got very interested in vintage doilies, began using them to inspire wearable pieces and realized I had a books worth of material.

Do you have a favorite stitch dictionary or where are your favorite places to find stitch patterns? 

I own stitch dictionaries from all over the world, but right now I almost never use them.  I chart most of my lace from my internal “stitch dictionary.”

Having written a knitting book, I know that it can be an all-consuming project. Can you tell me a little bit about your book writing process (timeline, pattern inspiration, etc?) 

I tend to be a concept designer.  Once I have that concept I just design until I feel done with it!  In the case of New Vintage Lace, I had already designed more than half of the projects in the book before I even thought of it as a book proposal.  So filling up the book with designs was easy for me.  Actually writing up the technique sections, the swatching chapter and the final chapter took a little more work, to really get the information clearly stated.  The team at Interweave, and my lovely editor Ann Budd, made sure I didn’t drift off.

There are a lot of patterns in this book. Did you get help with the knitting?

Knitting a full sample is actually a part of my process, so I knit each piece In the book at least once.  And then each piece was test knit by at least 2 other knitters (and in some cases 4.)  All the samples in the book except one were knit by me.  I have some wonderful test knitters!

What are your plans for the future? Anything upcoming you can share with us? Any more books? 

I am working on another book proposal right now.  That means that I already the concept fully fleshed out and have more than half of the pieces knit (and a few more in the design process.)  I might have more to share about that soon!


I find it so interesting to hear about other people's design process. Thanks Andrea! As for me, even though I rarely knit other people's lace patterns these days, there are a couple shawls in this book that may end up on the needles. 


 That is some seriously beautiful lace! You can see all the projects on the Ravelry page for the book (warning: you will want to make everything in the book if you click that link). 

You can find New Vintage Lace in yarn stores and bookstores now, or can purchase one here.

Photos courtesy of Interweave/F+W.


A Pile O' Hats

My Hat KAL/CAL for Hope is still going strong. It's been so great seeing pictures and posts from people in the Ravelry group who are making hats! I had a couple of hats already knit, and I managed to finish up 5 hats while on the Nashville trip. There was lots of car knitting time, and a couple of those hats were already on the needles.

So far, my pile of hats has 8 hats in it (still need to weave in ends, as a tapestry needle somehow was missing from my knitting bag while on the trip):
I think my favorite hat I made so far is this one:
It's a just a plain hat, but the yarn I used (Blue Sky Alpacas Extra Yarn) is just so cozy. I also used central double decreases for the crown, and that made me happy. I love me some CDD! :)

There's still time to join in the KAL/CAL fun. You can find all the details in this Ravelry thread!

Happy hat knitting and crocheting!


Nashville: The Yarn

So, as I mentioned in the last post, there was yarn on my trip to Nashville. How could there not be!? When I go to yarn shop on vacation, I try to get something that I can't get at home or is local to the place I'm visiting. I did good this time.

I got a skein of Spartickes Dyes sock yarn. The colorway is 'Crystal Blue Persuasion.' I love Breaking Bad. I could not resist it.
The dyer is located in Nashville, so it was the perfect vacation yarn. I was all happy with that, but then I found this skein:
Again sock yarn. This one from Unwind Yarn Company, which is located in TN as well. I have a feeling this one is going to be wound up and turning into a shawl in no time.

So, good yarn purchases for me. Yay!