No really, someone stop me

In the last couple of weeks, I have gone baby knitting crazy. With the birth of my new niece and some close friends preparing for their baby coming in May it's all baby knitting, all the time over here. I'm fine with it.

My latest finished item? Not knitted, but a crocheted airplane:

I mentioned in a previous baby knitting post (man, it seems like all my previous posts are baby knitting posts! I swear, it will end soon) that my friends are having an airplane-themed room for the baby on the way.
And the dad is an air traffic controller, so really, how could I not make this!?

I used the Amigurumi Airplane pattern, and some Cascade 220 Superwash I had around the house. A couple hours, and this baby was done. Super quick. And sooo easy. The pattern was fantastic!

Next up? I am working on a Baby Surprise Jacket for my new niece, and I'll probably make yet another Upside-Down Daisy Hat, because that is my favorite thing of all to knit for new babies. After that, I may actually get back to my Hitofude cardi. :)


The blanket, she grows

Work has continued on the mindless baby blanket. Turns out, I only had two balls of the Chroma Fingering in Lollipop. Once I got the point where I didn't think I could make it around the entire blanket one more time, I decided it was time for a crochet border!

I did a round of single crochet, followed by two rounds of double crochet with the white. Now, I am going a little shell action with with the remainder of the Lollipop. Not sure if I will add another round or not. I am just winging it! :)

I want to knit a billion more of these blankets. So easy, and the perfect knitting for knit night. I think I want to try the circular one for the next baby blanket I need to knit!


The baby knitting continues

It's all baby, all the time around me these days. The blanket I've been working on is for my newest niece, 'Roznogunz' who was born a week ago today. I am headed to Fargo in a couple weeks for a visit, so hopefully the blanket will be done by then!
What a cutie! I can't wait to meet her!

There's another baby on the way...one of my high school friends and his wife are expecting in May. The baby boy is to have an airplane-themed room, so I had to knit the Aviatrix hat.
It's knit out of Knit Picks Swish Worsted. It took wayyy less than one ball. I love that hat pattern. I think little Roznogunz might need one too. Honestly, I might need one too!


The Mindless Baby Blanket

I found myself on a business trip last week, and I needed something to knit. Something fun, but something easy. My brother and SIL are having a baby, like, ANY DAY NOW, so I decided the answer to my what to knit? question was a a baby blanket. One of those ten-stitch garter stitch blankets to be exact.

I found this to be the perfect travel knitting. It was great for the plane rides, as well as knitting the night away in my hotel room.I'm using Knit Picks Chroma Fingering in the Lollipop colorway. I love it. It will be perfect for my niece that will be arriving soon!

Once I'm done with this, I hope to get back to the sweater I started. Although, since winter is never going to end in Chicagoland, I have lots of time to get it done. :)


Sweater Obsessed?

Ever since finishing up Dutchess, I have had the urge to knit another sweater. Something for spring. Something like Hitofude (btw, if you click on that link to the Rav pattern page, you are gonna want to knit one. Sorry not sorry).

I thought a lot about what yarn I might want to use. This pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn. That is something I know a thing or two about! My absolute favorite fingering weight yarn to knit with these days is Hazel Knits Divine. Merino, cashmere, and silk. A winning combination. So, I did it. I bought a sweater amount of it. It's so lovely. I knew as soon as it arrived it was the right choice.

I picked the Silhouette colorway. I beautiful light grey color. I will be able to wear this sweater with everything!
So far, I have only gotten as far as knitting a gauge swatch (that I haven't even measured yet). But, hey, it's something. 
I have a pretty huge knitting work project that will be taking up a lot of time over the next month. But, I am hoping to be able to start this cardigan over the weekend and work on it here and there.

I am really enjoying the bigger sweater projects these days. Maybe one day I will figure out how to design one. Probably need to knit a few more first. Like this one, and this one, and this one....



As I mentioned in the great catch-up post last week, I knit myself an entire sweater! I had started it back in October, but had to put it on hold for awhile. Once I shipped my book off at the beginning of January, I worked on it non-stop for days until it was done. Hunting back through my Ravelry notebook this is the first sweater I've done in almost 5 years! The last one was this one.

Behold, Dutchess:
Dutchess is from Ysolda's new book, The Rhinebeck Sweater. As soon as I saw the preview of the book, I knew I wanted to knit this sweater. I haven't had a sweater pattern call to me like this ever.

I think it was the chevrons.
The sweater is worked from the bottom up. Then you knit the sleeves, attach them to the body and work the color work chart. I'll admit it, I did get super bored. That's a lot of red stockinette! But, I kept plugging away because I knew the colorwork would be super fun to knit. And it was.
I made a few mods to the patterns. I didn't change to much because the pattern was perfect, but I can't help myself. :) I added an extra inch to the body because I like my sweaters a little longer. I went down two needle sizes for the ribbing at the neck so it wouldn't flare out. That was about it. You can see all my notes on my project page. The yarn I used was Cascade Lana D'Oro. Yummy.

This is the first sweater I've made that fits me well and I actually want to wear. I am challenging myself to knit a couple more sweaters this year. Hopefully they will be as successful as this one!


Martin the Snail

A couple months ago I mentioned joining the FreshStitches Kit Club. Well, another kit arrived in the mail, and like last time, I ripped the baby open and got stitching!

This time, it was Martin the Snail. Stacey included a ball of Noro to make a mega shell. That was definitely my favorite part of the project!

The whole snail took maybe 4 hours (I'm guessing here...I was making an eyeball here, and antennae there). I love the way he turned out.

He has joined Sir Catepillar in my office for the time being. He's so cheery, I think he might just stay there!


The Great Catch-Up

Well, hello there! It's been awhile, blog. I missed you.

There are lots of reasons for the non-blogging. Book deadline nearly ended me. This one seemed so much harder than the first one. Honestly, I think it's because with the first book, I had no idea how it would do. And then it did really well. Like blew-my-expectations-out-of-the-water well. So with this second one I felt so much pressure (from myself) for this one not to suck. It was literally kept me up at night. Now it's done (well, it's with the publisher getting all beautified into a book) so now I sit here and wait, thinking about what my third book might be. :) Then there was life. The hubs had some health issues (completely resolved now...nothing a couple days in the hospital couldn't fix) and my dad found out he had cancer and had surgery and will be starting the chemo/radiation portion soon. Both Alex and my dad are doing well. Glad everyone is on the mend, staying positive and moving along. I definitely had time to blog in the last couple months, but honestly, I just didn't feel like it.

But, through it all, there was knitting. For awhile, it was mostly book knitting, but in between that, I snuck in a thing or two. Here is just some of it.

I ran a mystery shawl KAL in November. I still haven't given the shawl it's proper photo shoot. But here it is:

You can see lots of pretty ones over on Ravelry. You had options for a small & large size!

I finished the baby hat that I was working on for Baby Nolan. Nolan arrived in December and already loves his hat (which of course I don't have a picture of him wearing). My friends gave their baby an owl themed room, so this was the perfect little hat for him!

Then my Beth, one of my knit night buddies, had a baby a couple weeks ago. We threw her a baby shower with lots of hand-knits. She was going with a nautical theme baby room, so a Save the Baby Whales cardi it was for her wee one.
Then I knit a little sheep ornament, using the new free pattern from Berroco:
I crocheted a cowl for my coworker who bought me the yarn I used when she was in Ireland a couple years ago:
I also knit a whole sweater for myself! But that deserves it's own blog post I think. A rare occurrence in the land of the shawl knitter. :)

So, that's it (for now).  I have some new design projects in the works. I have ideas for some KALs for this year that I'm excited about. Things are good. Chugging along. Always knitting (and crocheting!).


Sir Caterpillar

I've been following Stacey of Fresh Stitches on Twitter for some time now. She always has links to the kinds of stuff I like to read and posts lots of cute photos of crochet things. A couple of weeks ago she posted about her kit club and before I knew it, I was on her site, signing up. I haven't had much success with toys in the past (they always look wonky in the end) but I know with a little practice, I will get better. So why not have a kit show up every other month to help me get some of that practice in?

When the kit showed up at my door, I immediately ripped into that baby and started stitching. By the next morning, I had my caterpillar all done and looking like quite the gentleman.

I mean, you include a mustache in the kit for my caterpillar, I'm gonna add it. I love the mustache!

And, he's not that wonky! I think he's super cute. He is currently residing in my office, overseeing the book writing to-do list. :) Want your own caterpillar? You can get the pattern here.

I can't wait for the next kit to show up in a couple months. I think these are gonna prove to me a nice break from all the knitting work I have going on!

Happy crocheting (and knitting)!


It's Shawl City

Not much blogging these days. I'm at the tail end of working on the next book, which means I have practically nothing to show you. I am working on some other knitting and crochet stuff here and there for all the babies that will be arriving shortly, but most of those things are not done and in uninteresting places. Once I actually finish one of those baby things, the blog will be the first to know! :)

I did finish a shawl recently. My LYS asked me to do a mystery shawl KAL just for the shop. We called it Shawlapalooza! The KAL at the shop is over, and now I have the pattern up on Ravelry, ready for everyone's knitting enjoyment. It's Fremont:


Fremont is a top-down crescent shawl will a join-as-you-go border. I love these shawls. I can't stop designing/knitting them. This one is knit out of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single. So soft. So squishy.

The pattern is written for 2 sizes, so you can choose a quick shawlette or a nice, cozy shawl. The photos show off the small-sized shawl.

I loved every minute of working on this shawl. And the ladies participating in the KAL really enjoyed it too!

So what's everyone been knitting lately? Anything good? Anything for a baby I should add to my queue because everyone around me is having one and I can't keep up with the knitting/crocheting? :)