Rick Socks

Ok, I finally finished my Rick socks. I have been working on them for quite awhile (more like they sat in my knitting bag for over a month untouched) and I am happy they are done. I really loved this pattern. And, I loved the yarn. A very good combination.

Hello. My name is Rick.
I am very pretty.
But not as pretty as Rick Astley, of course. :)

Here are some specs:
The Pattern: Rock Socks by Cookie A (from Sock Innovation)
The Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Squooshy Yarn
The Needles: US Size 2 (2.75mm) dpns
The Time to Knit: 2 months (again, sitting in the knitting bag most of that time)
The Notes: There is some errata for this pattern here. When I was knitting the first sock, I thought something was slightly wrong in the pattern, but you know me, I just went ahead and worked it out and assumed it was my faulty math or something. At least I know now I was not crazy or had lost the ability to count. :)

Other than that, I will be giving my stealth knitting to the intended recipient today, so I can blog about that soon. Now to decide what socks to knit next. Hmm....


Sock Summit.

Can I just say how excited I am for Sock Summit!? I know there were problems today with registration (like everyone else, there was a moment where I wanted to rip my hair out), but unbelievably I got everything I wanted. It took awhile and several tries (and several panicked voicemails to my friend, Jenni) but I got everything. Jenni got into some things too (she did not get "Sock Summit Scenario A" like I did, but I think she will be happy in the end with the trip).

Everything is coming together very well for the journey to Portland. Jenni and I have the hotel reservation made, the plan tickets purchased, and the classes picked and paid for. A few months ago when this whole Sock Summit thing came up, I didn't really think we would go. I mean, we talked about it, but I didn't really think we would make it a reality. But, I am so glad we are going. A few days in a new place with lots and lots and lots of knitters (and sock knitters at that)? Yes, please!

Anyway, here is the stuff I plan on taking/attending while at the Sock Summit:

  • Thursday Afternoon: Arch Shaped Stockings with Meg Swanson and Amy Detjen
    Thursday Evening: Opening Welcome Dinner Thingy
  • Friday Morning: The Perfect Rib with Cookie A
    Friday Evening: Sock Hop
  • Sunday Morning: Beaded Cables with Sivia Harding
    Sunday Afternoon: Luminary Panel
I think we are going to have a fabulous time.

A very knitty birthday. . . .

Well, it's about time I show off all the knit-related goodies I got for my birthday.

First, I got some books:
And, my friend, Jenni got me some sock yarn (she knows I am on a sock yarn diet, and that I have been strong and not bought any since December, so she decided to provide me with a sock yarn fix):And, then I got this:A Jordana Paige bag! I have been wanting one for, like, three years. Alex was a good egg and got it for me. He also gave me a KnitKit. He actually went to Loopy Yarns to buy them. I think there might have been some ladies in there that wanted to steal my boyfriend. :)

It was definitely a good birthday!


Just a quickie. . . .

Thanks again for everyone who entered my contest. Remember, you can get the Spider Lace sock pattern on my etsy site or on Ravelry. Check it out!

So, things have been busy lately. Alex and I have started casually looking around for houses. We hope to move before the end of this year. Who knows how it will go. I am very back and forth on the idea of having a house. Mostly, I think it's good. And, we have been concentrating our search to Elk Grove Village which pleases me. Well, it mostly pleases me. That is going to be a very long commute when our lab moves early next year, but on the plus side all my knitting BFFs are there. So at least after the shitty commute I can meet up with my friends to knit!

Anyway, there has been some knitting happening around here. I started a Shawl That Jazz:Definitely an impulse project. I saw way too many pretty ones on Ravelry. I am that knitter that is easily swayed by pretty things. :)

I also finished my Rusted Root:

I still need to block it. I love it!

I also knit a couple of baby hats for a college friend who just had preemie twins:
I just packaged them up and they will be off to the East Coast tomorrow.

Well, that's all I have for now. There is some stealth knitting going on right now. But, I cannot talk about that on the blog. Perhaps soon. :)

Happy knitting!


And the winners are. . . .

Thanks for everyone playing along in my contest.

I have used an online random number generator and the winners are. . . .

Sharon Rose



radioactive girl

Congratulations everyone!
Remember you can still get the Spider Lace Socks pattern on my etsy site or off of Ravelry! :)

And, I have some other pattern ideas in my head, so check back to my blog for future contests.

Happy knitting!


My Pattern On Ravelry! This means a contest!

For some time now I have been working on writing up a new sock pattern. I have a couple of patterns available for free, but I wanted to try to start selling some. After much test knitting and proofreading (thanks to my speedy knitting friend Jenni), I present the Spider Lace Socks:

Simple Lace Socks? Yes, please!
I look good in a variety of colors!C'mon, you know you want to knit me!

Here is my description of the pattern from Etsy:

Spider Lace Socks by Jen Hansen

For me, there is nothing better than combining socks with an easy lace pattern. Enter the Spider Lace Socks. These socks have an easy 10 stitch lace pattern that can be easily memorized for easy sock knitting.

Sock pattern is written for a women’s size medium. Socks are knit with US Size 2 (2.75mm) needles at a gauge of 7sts/inch in stockinette. A total of 60 stitches around are used. The Spider Lace Socks pattern is written for a cuff down sock with heel flap.

Materials needed for this pattern are US Size 2 double pointed needles or size needed to obtain gauge, one skein of fingering weight sock yarn (Knitting Like Crazy Crazy Soft Sock yarn is recommended) and a tapestry needle.

Anyway, my pattern is available for $5.00 both on my Etsy site and on Ravelry (I tickled pink by the fact that I got my pattern store set up on Ravelry this morning)

Now to the contest part. :) Please leave a comment here on the blog before Tuesday, May 12 at 5pm. A random number generator will pick three people to receive the pattern for free.

So, comment away!

Hope you like it. Happy Friday and happy knitting!

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