Pattern in Progress

With all the baby knitting I've been doing, I got the urge to design something for baby. Something blanket-y. I had some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in my stash for awhile, and it started screaming "MAKE ME INTO A BABY BLANKET" at me. So I listened.

My design is starting off with seed stitch. Why? Because I love it for borders on blankets!

I am using a textured pattern I found in one of my stitch dictionaries. It looks great on both the right and wrong side, which is a plus!

My Pure Baby Blanket pattern has been one of my most popular patterns. I think this one is turning out even better. Hopefully it will please the knitters too. I'm excited to get this one knit and the pattern ready to go for everyone!


Now Available: Wayfarer

I have been so pleased with the love for my Wayfarer shawl in Doomsday Knits. Lots of knitters are enjoying knitting it. I love seeing all the different projects getting added to Ravelry!

And now the pattern is available for individual download, making it easier than ever to get your hands on the pattern to knit one of your own!

I talked a little bit about my design process for this shawl in my Doomvember post here. I loved knitting this shawl. It was easy audiobook/TV knitting, and you can change up the look so much depending on the yarn, and what you use to lace up the two shawl halves.

Hope you enjoy the new individual pattern! Happy Knitting!

Baby Surprise Jacket

So, with this insane baby boom going on (which has finally come to an end....for now), I got the urge to make a Baby Surprise Jacket. I hadn't made one in almost 4 years. It was time. I had some DeKAY Solo from A Swell Yarn Shop in Teal Sunset. To me, it screamed BSJ.

I decided to skip the buttons and instead went for a little tie instead.
Of course, like every time I knit this sweater, now I want to make another one. It's just so fun to knit!
I am working on new baby-friendly pattern (more on that later), but other than that, the baby knitting has come to end for now. I'm looking forward to getting back to shawls and socks and sweaters for adults. :)


It's a Zoo!

The binge of baby/kid things continues....

I finally finished my Zebra Woobie for baby Roz. It turned out so cute. The pattern was great. I would definitely make another one from the collection!

Then I crocheted a chick in an egg (another FreshStitches club kit). It turned out great too!
I mean, c'mon. That is one brilliant pattern! The egg/chick will be going to my  3 year old niece. I have plans to make a little something for her 1 year old sister too. Actually, I was thinking of making another chick, just without the egg. And without the button eyes, because that baby will put anything in her mouth. :)

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