Accessories E-book Sale

The Head, Shoulders, Wrists and Toes e-book is now on sale!

This week only (Dec. 31st-Jan 4th) $2 off the entire e-book. That's 8 patterns for just $14.50!

It was great fun designing and adding patterns to this e-book all year long. You can check out the entire collection here.

Thank you all for making Jen Lucas Designs a great success and a whole lot of fun in 2012. I look forward to 2013 and all the knitting goodness it brings. Happy New Year!

Head, Shoulders, Wrists and Toes E-book


Merry Christmas to Me: Sock Yarn Studio

So, I was doing a little Christmas shopping for some of my knitter friends, and I accidentally bought this for myself:

It's Sock Yarn Studio. Since I have no shortage of sock yarn around here, it seemed like a good book to pick up (well, after my own book, Sock-Yarn Shawls, which will be available in mid-January, of course).

There are lots of pretty things to knit in Sock Yarn Studio with items designed by lots of great designers. My favorite item in the book is the Nuit Blanche Stole and Scarf by Veronik Avery. It. Is. Beautiful.

I will most definitely be making time to knit that in 2013!

Did you get any good books for gifts over the past month? Which ones? Do ya like em?

Happy knitting!


Adderley Hat

Earlier today I added the final pattern to my Head, Shoulders, Wrists and Toes E-book. It's the Adderley Hat:

The hat is knit using two skeins of chunky yarn. I knit mine with Cascade 128 Superwash. Two skeins will get you two hats!

I have become obsessed with slipped stitches over the last few months. They are great for easy colorwork projects!

You can get the hat as part of the 8 pattern collection in the e-book for $16.50, or you can buy the indivdual pattern for $4.00 on Ravelry.


The Stripey Sock Obsession

Earlier this year, I blogged about various stripey socks I have been working on. Sadly, neither of those pairs are done. Even the Christmas ones. Which I started in April thinking they would definitely be done way before Christmas. Oops. Anyway, more striped socks ended up on the needles, and I actually got a pair done. Woot!

It's my new obsession: Knit Picks Felici Sport. (Side note: Just went to get the link to see they are discontinuing that yarn. Several just ended up in my cart. Ack!) Ah, sport weight socks. So fast to knit. I love you so. The above socks are knit in the Boutique colorway.

The second I finished those, I cast on for another pair, this time in the Recess colorway:

I think a goal for 2013 is to finish up all the stripey socks projects in the house. There are kind of a lot of them right now.

Happy knitting!


It's a Color Affection

Wow, I went to wear by Color Affection Shawl yesterday and realized that I never blogged about it. Oops. Well, better late than never. :)

So back in August I picked up some Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering at Stitches Midwest to turn into a Color Affection shawl.

That's House of Bourbon, Glacier and Oatmeal colorways. I was worried it might look a little too "Christmas-y" but I think it came out just fine:

The red bled a little bit when I blocked it. Guess I maybe should have rinsed the skein or something first. But, I still love it and slight red/pink tinge doesn't bother me one bit. I wear this thing all the time.

The only modification I made to the pattern was I did yarnovers for the increases and twisted them closed on with my stitch on the next row. My friend, Jenni, who has knit three of these made that suggestion and I don't question her at all when it comes to the knitting. She knows her stuff.

Have you knit a Color Affection? If so, what yarn/colors did you use. I loved knitting this so much I am considering knitting another one. Suggestions please!

Happy knitting!


Yet Another Daisy Hat

So, while I was knitting the daisy hat for baby Lauren, my coworker mentioned she would like one for her daughter. Fortunately for her, I was in between projects and had a Bears game to watch, and I was able to whip one up for her. This one, in purple:

Upside Down Daisy Hat by Susan B. Anderson

Once again, I used Knit Picks Comfy Worsted. I seriously love that stuff. It's kind of a problem. I want to knit all the things with that yarn. So soft.


Clementine Hoodie

Several months ago, my sister requested a white hoodie sweater for Caitlyn. Lots of things got in the way like book deadlines and other various projects there was no sweater knitting happening in the Knitting Like Crazy house. Then last month, with winter coming, I decided it was time to buckle down and knit the sweater. I don't know why I procrastinated. Toddlers are little. It really took no time at all.

After hunting around Ravelry for a long time, I finally decided on the Clementine Hoodie.I used Knit Picks Comfy Worsted for the sweater, which is my new go-to kid friendly yarn (soft, inexpensive and machine washable).

Caitlyn seems to like it:

Happy knitting!


Baby Knitting Goodness

And, I'm back! Lots of things to report since my last post. New patterns. New nieces. New yarn. New FOs. I guess I'll start with the most important FO - my new niece, Lauren!

My sister gave birth to little Lauren on 12/4.

 Caitlyn is totally in love with her new little sister.
Admittedly, I did not have a lot of stuff already knit for this baby like I did with Caitlyn, but I did manage to knit a baby bunting, which will be perfect if winter ever shows up in Chicagoland.

I picked up the kit for the baby bunting at Vogue Knitting Live! in October. It was an impulse purchase. I knew that a baby was soon coming from my sister's womb that would need to be, uh, bunted. The pattern is Buga Baby Bunting from Spud and Chloe. The yarn was Spud & Chloƫ Outer, a nice chunky yarn, making this a very quick knit.

I also whipped up a hat last week, once we knew that Lauren was a girl. It's my new go-to baby hat, the Upside Down Daisy Hat by Susan B. Anderson (the bunting pattern is also by Susan, I guess I really like her patterns!)

It's currently a little big for Lauren's head, but I think in a few weeks it will fit just fine. I'm so excited to have another niece to knit for! You'll probably be seeing lots of baby knits here on the blog over the next few weeks. Happy knitting!


Sock-Yarn Shawls Pre-Order

I am so so so excited to announce the following information:

My book, Sock-Yarn Shawls, is now available for pre-order!!!!!!!!

The book, which is being published by Martingale &Company is currently scheduled for a mid-January release.

This entire process has been so exciting to me, but seeing it for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sent me just about over the edge. I still feel like someone needs to pinch me.


Knit Red

Recently, I was able to get my hands on a review copy of Knit Red, a new book from Sixth & Spring. It contains 30 patterns from well-known designers and the whole book is to raise awareness about hear disease in women.

The book not only contains patterns, but also tips and recipes for heart-healthy living.
The patterns in this book are absolutely stunning. Lots of lace and texture. Every knitter can find something they want to knit in this book!

I mean, seriously. That shawl is amazing.

Knit Red retails for $19.95 and a portion of the proceeds for to benefit The Heart Truth, which is a campaign to raise awareness about hear disease in women.

Everyone should go get this book. Now. It's amazing! Want to see the other patterns in this book? Check it out on Ravelry here.

Happy knitting!


The Sock Knitter's Handbook

I have another book that I received from Martingale and Company to share with you. This week, it's The Sock Knitter's Handbook by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrot.

I cannot believe all the great information in this book. Lots of options for heels and toes and everything else you might want to change on a sock.
There are tons of clear pictures and instructions for multiple stitch counts for each technique. And, while there are no actual sock patterns in this book, you are left with a bunch of new ideas on how to alter your favorite sock patterns with new ribbing, heels, toes, etc.

Seriously, I think every sock knitter would benefit from this book. I highly recommend it.

Happy sock knitting!


Get Published!

Like I said last week, while at Stitches Midwest last month I took a class called Get Published! with Shannon Okey. It focused a lot on the business end of designing. While the class wasn't learning a new knitting technique or how to actually design something, I think it was the single best class I have ever taken. That's saying a lot as I have taken some pretty spectacular knitting classes over the years. :)

Here is the description from the XRX website:

Have you always wanted to write a book? Now's your chance! Whether you want to submit your work to large publishers or do it yourself, Shannon Okey has the insider knowledge to help you succeed! Author of 12 major-publisher books and owner of Cooperative Press, which has been publishing craft-related titles since 2007 (including The Knitgrrl Guide To Professional Knitwear Design: How to Keep Your Knits About You), Okey reveals the processes behind:

–building a successful book proposal
–brainstorming a book: discovering what you have to offer the market
–publishing it yourself for greater profit and control
–finding a printer, an appropriate print solution or going digital and many other topics of interest to creative people of all kinds.

Extensive Q&A period during class to cover all your bases!

At first, I wasn't sure it was going to be the class for me. I have been very lucky lately and getting my patterns published in books and magazines (stay tuned for those!) as well as self-publishing on Ravelry. I even had successfully negotiated my own book deal. So, I was little nervous going into it and was thinking it might just be three hours of stuff I already figured out on my own or from reading Shannon's book.


I learned so much in that class, got so many new ideas and where to publish, how to publish and how to market myself better. I actually think having the experience I gained over the last year of so made it even better because I was familar with a lot of it, and could completely understand what Shannon was talking about. I got so many tips on how to make my design business even more successful. At the same time, I think the people in the class who where just thinking about designing and hadn't really done anything yet got a lot out of it too. It seemed like everyone, regardless, of their designing experience walked away happy with the class.

I don't know if Shannon will be teaching this class at more Stitches events, or at other events, but I really hope she does. And, if you are a designer who has been published, don't let the title of the class fool you. I think you will walk away feeling really good about having taken it and will go home with lots of new ideas and inspiration.


Knitting Brioche-Stitch Socks

It's time for another book review! This week, it's Knitting Brioche-Stitch Socks by Barbara Sander.

As the title would suggest, it's a whole book of sock patterns using the Brioche stitch. Admittedly, I don't know anything about the Brioche stitch. Not to worry...there are some basic instructions for knitting the Brioche stitch in the round at the start of the book!

The book contains 14 patterns. It has patterns using multiple colors as well as different textures.

What I thought was very interesting is that you don't knit a traditional heel with these socks. I'm not sure that these would be the best fitting socks you've ever worn, but the technique is certainly intriguing.

Knitting Brioche-Stitch Socks is published by Martingale & Company. To see all the patterns in the book, check it out on Ravelry.

Want my review copy? Just leave a comment on this post (leave an email address of Rav id, so I can find you should you win) between now and 9/13. I will pick a random winner!

Happy sock knitting!


Say Moo.

Last month I took an amazing class at Stitches (which I plan on talking more about next week). It was Get Published! with Shannon Okey. She focused a lot on the business end of designing, and talked a lot about marketing yourself. I had mentioned how I am horrible at promoting myself when I am somewhere like Stitches or Sock Summit. Seriously, I am not really that good at talking to strangers.

I decided to take Shannon's advice and get some business cards or something so when I am wearing a shawl and someone asks about it, I can give them the information on where to find the patterns. Enter my new Moo Cards:
Pretty, right? I am so happy how they turned out. I left it pretty simple on the back, so I would have plenty of room to write down the name of whatever shawl pattern the person is asking about.
Hopefully I will get to use them a bunch!

Happy knitting. :)


A Newsletter

So much posting going on here these days! Like I said, I have so much to share! Lots of exciting things coming up.

One thing I have been working really hard on is rebranding over the last month or two. I have bought a new domain name, have someone working on a new logo for me, and have started work on the new website.

Another thing I have started work on is a newsletter! It will come to you in email form. My plan is to send it out once a month (maybe twice a month if something really great is happening). It will include info about new patterns and probably a coupon code every now and then.

I haven't sent one out yet, but plan on starting it up at the end of the month or the start of October. So, if you can't get enough of me and want the latest on the design happenings of me you should sign up for the Jen Lucas Designs newsletter. You can do so by following this link here.

Happy knitting!


A KAL with Kollage!

This month at Fuzzy Wuzzy, I am hosting a Kollage knitalong using one of the Feed Your Creativity Kits. It's Irishgirlieknits' Keegan Baby Hat and Socks!

The first week we will be working on the wee baby socks.

The second week we will continue work on the socks and work on the hat too!

Kits are $28.50 and each class is $10. We will be knitting along on 9/5 and 9/12 from 6-8pm.

The Keegan Baby Hat and Socks are a great pattern and with one skein of sock yarn, you can crank out two sets of the hat and socks. 

Want to join in the fun? Give Chris a call at the shop. 847.253.9276

Happy knitting!

Photos courtesy of Kollage Yarns.


September Pattern Sale!

Well, it's September (hooray! I heart fall!) and I decided to have a little pattern sale. 30% off when you buy two or more of my individual patterns on Ravelry. No coupon code needed! Discount will automatically be applied at checkout!

Sale will be going on now through September 30th. Check out my patterns here.Enjoy!


Rav Games Shawl

As most of you probably know, this year for the Ravellenic Games I hosted a team in my group over on Ravelry. The rules? Knit one of my patterns during the Olympics.

Pretty easy, accept I didn't really want to knit one of my patterns again. Don't get me wrong, I love love love my designs while I am knitting them initially, but I am pretty unlikely to knit them a second time. So, I decided that I should work on a new design during the Olympics instead. I'm still finishing up writing the pattern, but here is the finished shawl, which I finished a couple days before the end of the Olympics.

I'm hoping to have the pattern finished up in the next week or so, then it's off to the tech editor for checking!

Want to see what everyone else in the group knit? You can see them here on Ravelry.

Happy knitting!



So, like I said yesterday, while in San Francisco, I made the trip to Artfibers. I had gotten the recommendation to check it out on Twitter, and I wasn't disappointed.

It's located on the third floor of a building, and I loved that when you step off the elevator you step right into the studio. It was set up like no other shop I have ever seen.

Artfibers makes all its own yarns, so you are truely getting something unique there. Talk about the perfect vacation yarn!

The yarns are all swatched out for you to see. You can also take yarn and swatch it yourself to see what you like. I wondered around for awhile, and then finally decided on 500 yards of Camuse yarn, a camel down/cashmere blend.
I really liked it there. If I ever make it back to San Francisco, you can bet I will be stopping in again.

Happy knitting!


A Last-Minute Trip

Alex and I had a trip to go campling with his parents planned for months. Unfortunately, Alex's parents had to cancel last minute due to work conflicts, and we were left with a week of already approved vacation time from work. We decided to skip the camping and hit the west coast. I had never been to California before, so we picked San Francisco for our trip. It was most excellent.

We of course had to ride on a cable car...
We took that baby all the way to Fishermans Wharf where we saw some sea lions and rode on a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge.
We walked around in Chinatown and the Haight/Ashbury area.
We also went to Artfibers, but I am going to save that for tomorrow's post. Took too many pics and petted too much yarn. It deserves it's own post. :)

Such a good time. If you haven't been to San Francisco...go! And if you live there, I am completely jealous of you.

Happy knitting!

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