Don't Forget That Free Yarn!! :)

This is just a quick post to thank everyone for the well wishes on the Etsy shop! I am lucky to have very nice blogging friends like you! :)

I wish I had knitting to show you, but I have been glued to the computer all week. Hopefully this weekend I will have some knitted goodness to share.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. You can now enter my yarn giveaway by filling out this form or by sending me an email at jenATknittinglikecrazyDOTcom. So, enter now and then tell your friends to enter (of course, this would decrease your chances of winning, but you should still tell them...it will be fun.) :)

Wondering what yarn I am giving away? Click here to read the post about the yarn contest.

Happy knitting and happy yarn winning!


Some knitting, some yarn buying and free yarn!!!!

Are you looking for some free yarn? Yeah, I knew it! Details are at the end of this post. But, hey, while you're here, why not read my blog. . . .

And onto the knitted goodness:

Well, I have safely returned from Ohio. There was a good time had by all. I saw lots of Alex's relatives, went on the tour of childhood in Ohio, and ate at Frisch's Big Boy (something I had never done until this weekend). It was good.

Then there was the knitting. I did get a lot of knitting done while in transit. Of course, I had too much yarn, but it is always better to be on the safe side with these things. Here is what was accomplished: Above is another mini-sock. This one is for Ryan. He wants a mini sock. He does not knit. With Ryan, one must not question these things. I just knit the sock.

Here we have Soleil: Still miles of stockinette. I thought I would have more done, but other things were being worked on. Like the Jayripplicious sock!
I am pleased with these. You may recall they are a pattern I invented using parts of Broadripple and Jaywalker. Result: A Jayripple-y sock.

Hmm, let's see. I received a bunch of yarn in the mail this week. It's all from the gift certificates I got for my birthday. First we have the goodies from The Loopy Ewe (thanks JC!):

We have some Louet Gems on the left (and I bought the pattern for Flicker by Cookie A.). On the right we have Claudia Handpainted Yarn in Purple Earth. Both are lovely!

Then there was the stuff from BMFA (thanks Alex!):

From left to right I have Rose Quartz, Lemon Grass, Cracked Canyon and Titania. I also got the pattern for Titania's Revenge. There is a great deal of sock yarn around here, to say the least!

And, now, onto what you all have been waiting for: THE FREE YARN!

Here is what I am giving away:This is one skein (approx. 400yds, 100g) of my hand dyed yarn in fingering weight. The Colorway is Bubble Gum. I am giving this yarn away in honor of my Etsy shop now being open. That's right--it is now open!! So, look around, buy some yarn. The site is: knittinglikecrazy.etsy.com. Anyway, if you would like to be entered into my free yarn giveaway just fill out this form or send me an email at jenATknittinglikecrazyDOTcom. That's it. I will be randomly selecting one winner from all the emails on Sunday, June 3rd. You have until noon Central Time on Sunday, June 3rd to enter. Good luck! :)

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me good yarn-y thoughts over the last couple weeks. I really appreciate it! :)

Happy knitting!


A quick post...then peace out!

Well, once again this week has proven to be a busy one. Ah, I dream of the day of only working eight hours, driving home before rush hour and having time in the apartment to sit on my ass and knit. But, alas, now is not that time.

I have virtually no knitting content. I have been working on Soleil, but right now it's a bunch of stockinette, so I have no good WIP pic to show you. I think I may be able to crank the rest of this project out this weekend and then there will be good pictures. Oh, I do have this: Oh what could this blurry picture be? Well, I took a tiny amount off of each skein I dyed (like 2-3 yards) and knit it up. Then I added the next color and kept going. I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons:
1. So I could remember how awesome this stuff was before I parted ways with it.
B. Try to imagine how a sock would look with this stuff, so I can make a better decision about whether or not I want to try a certain color combo again.
It's kind of crazy, the colors don't all go together well, but I just try to imagine each little strip as its own sock. Then I am happy!
And speaking of the hand-dyed yarn. . . .
I still plan on getting everything on the website the first week of June. We will see if I can meet the deadline I set for myself. :)
This weekend is going to be another crazy one. Alex and I are travelling with his parents to Ohio for some kind of picnic/reunion thing. I think it will be fun. I have been trying to pack and everything tonight, so there is less to do tomorrow after work and so far all I have done is this:
It's the knitting bag. A new knitting bag at that. I was at Target today and decided to look for a new bag. One that zips closed. This one was on clearance, so it was the bag for me. Anyway, I digress. I spent the majority of the evening screwing around and thinking about how much knitting to bring along. I mean, Ohio is not that far from here, but it's not that close either. Do I have too much? Too little? Oh, it is so hard to say. I am not that fast of a knitter, but yet I am not that slow. Such problems! :) I settled on the Soleil (with all the yarn packed in the bag, because running out and knowing there is more sitting at home, would make me crazy), the Jay-ripplelicious sock the second, and two other balls of sock yarn (just in case). Then there are a couple of sock patterns in there (Monkey and Pomatomus) and one of the yarn dyeing books Alex got me for my birthday, just in case I need a break from the knitting.
Of course, I have yet to decide on what clothes to bring.
Well, I will leave you with a final, non-knitty thought. I am sad to report that the birthday Ecosphere is not doing well. Three shrimp have died. One remains. I fear for him. A part of me wants him to live, to go on, and live a happy shrimpy life. And, to be completely honest, the other part of me hopes he meets the same fate as the others, so we can send the thing back and get new shrimp (they have a 6 month guarantee on the shrimp). I will keep you all posted. . . .
Happy knitting! :)


Warning: It's A Yarn Factory in Here!

Well, this weekend certainly proved to be one in which much yarn was acquired. Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday, and clearly my family and friends know what pleases me, as the majority of the gifts I received where knitting related.

Ok, so onto the goodies. . . .

The birthday weekend started out on Friday with the following from my Secret Pal: We have a crocheted purse (which was lined!), some chocolate, some various other goodies, and the yarn to knit Soleil. Of course, I had to start on the tank top right away:
Thanks Secret Pal! I love, love, love the package! :)

On Saturday, Alex gave me more goodies, which included two books about dyeing yarn, a generous gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts (which was then promptly spent) and this: It's an Ecosphere! It's a closed ecosystem, with little shrimp swimming around in it. He thought, you know, since I am in the business of testing water, I would like it. And, is he ever right...it's awesome! Saturday night I went out with the G-town crew for some beer and food. It was an excellent time. JC surprised me with a very generous gift of a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe (which was promptly spent) and a sheep tape measure where the tape measure comes out of the tail. It's wonderful! The above sock yarn was picked out by my youngest brother, Matt. My parents went to see him in Chicago over the weekend, and my mom took him to the nearby yarn store, Loopy Yarns and made him pick something out for me. He picked out some very nice yarn, although my mom says he refused to carry it out of the store, as it was in a hot pink bag. My brother is so cute, he told me if I did not like the color of the yarn to just knit him a pair of socks with it. What a great brother! My parents also bought me a couple of knitting books that I had my eye on for some time, Victorian Lace Today and Knitting On The Road.

Overall, I would have to say that it was an awesome birthday. I am one lucky lady to have so many great people around me who understand the knitting obssession.

And, now onto, um, more yarn. Today I finished winding and labeling the yarn I have already dyed. Some pictures for you:

I plan on spending this afternoon dyeing the rest of the yarn I have. Hooray for having the day off! :) I have to say it is going to be hard letting this yarn go. But, I know it will be going to good homes and becoming wonderful things.

Finally, I was tagged my Carrie Penny for seven random facts. So here we go:

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I like all things to be in even numbers, whenever possible. The volume on the stereo in my car must be on an even number at all times. M&Ms must be eaten in even numbers. Things like that.

2. I currently working at "my dream job." Yes, my dream job is working in a lab that tests water for waste treatment plants (yes, that means raw sewage, although I must point out that not all the water we test is that dirty, we do streams and drinking water too). My favorite part of the job? When I get to take a bucket and go throw it in a river. That, my friends, is awesome.

3. My silver Toyota Camry is named Pearl.

4. Before I started knitting socks, I would buy the crazy pattern socks from Target and Kohls. and then I would never wear a matching pair. One foot would have a Care Bear sock, the other would have some kind of argyle pattern, and so on. Used to drive my mom crazy.

5. I once took an upper-level theology class while at Loyola, as an attempt to meet cute, nice Catholic boys. This back-fired when it turned out they were all studying to be priests.

6. My favorite book is A Separate Peace by John Knowles. I had to read in my sophomore year of high school. I think I have read it about seven or eight times since then.

As I like things in even numbers, unfortunately, you are getting only six random facts. :)

Ok, I a now tagging the following people:

The last three are non-knitters, but maybe they will do it anyway! :)

Ok, that's all for now. Happy knitting everyone!


Ahh! It's Blanche!

Thanks for all the comments on the dyed yarn! The plan is to have it up on etsy the first week of June. And, of course, I will be having some kind of contest/yarn giveaway to celebrate. Details coming soon! Now to answer a couple of questions about this whole yarn thing.

Brenda asked if I was selling it on etsy. Yes, yes I am. The site is knittinglikecrazy.etsy.com. There is nothing up there at the moment, but that's where the yarn goodies will be.

Sheila asked what weight the yarn is. Everything that I have dyed thus far is fingering weight yarn (7-8 sts to the inch, on size 1-3 needles). Perfect for socks! :) I have a couple of skeins of worsted weight yarn around here from when my sister and I attempted the great Kool-Aid dyed yarn attempt of 2007, so I will likely dye and sell that as well!

And, now, for some knitty goodness. On Thursday I took the train to Chicago, so my friends and I could go see Rue McClanahan. Oh yes, she played Blanche in Golden Girls. While on the train I completed my first Jayripplicious sock:

It enjoyed making the trip to meet Rue. We got to Borders, had to stand in the back because there were so so many people there, and patiently waited for Rue. She came out, read from her new book, and then she signed them. Sara may have had tears in her eyes. I mean, her and Kimi love the Golden Girls so much they named their pet guinea pigs Blanche and Rose. Seriously. Finally, after waiting in line, we met her!That's Rue in the front. I have to say she looks just as fabulous as she did in the Golden Girls! Then we have in the back(from left to right) Sara, Kimi, me, and Alex). I can't believe I got to meet a Golden Girl this week. How awesome!

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I am now going to sit on the couch, watch Food Network and work on Jayripplicious sock #2. Happy knitting! :)


I'm Knee-Deep in Yarn!

So, things have been a little hectic over here at knitting like crazy. Work continues to be insane, and when I'm home and not watching American Idol, things like this are happening:

That's right. I am dyeing my own yarn. This new venture is in its early stages, but I plan on selling it. We will see how it goes. My plan is to finish dyeing the yarn I have (I think there are three or four skeins around here that need some color enhancement) and then it's up and ready for selling! :) I am really flying by the seat of my pants with this whole "Hey! I can dye yarn and sell it" thing, but, that's me.

Anyway, needless to say not much knitting is getting done. There is still some birthday knitting being worked on, and that is coming along nicely. Someday. Someday, there will be pictures.

Hmm, that's all for now. Happy knitting!


A Pyramid O' Yarn?

Well, I have stepped out of the lab long enough to come home, do some laundry, and take a picture or two of some yarn. :)

First off, work has been crazy busy. No time for knitting during my morning break or lunch. It is sad. I dream of the day when I can knit at work again. There is not much to show on the knitting front. I have been working a row here and there on my sock, and there is some secret birthday knitting that is taking place, but I can't show you that. Soon though.

Anyway, this weekend, Alex and I headed over to Chocolate Fest in Long Grove. You may think I wanted to go because of the chocolate, but the truth is, I had a coupon for 20% off non-sale yarn at I'd Rather Be Knitting (btw, if you go to their website, I think the coupon is good for the same thing during Strawberry Fest, which is in June some time...just saying). There was some purchasing for the Secret Pal, but certainly I cannot show you that. There was some purchases for me too, of course!!

Here we have some Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Marias Falls. I think it is a little darker than the picture shows. I am imagining something lacey with it.

Then we have some sale bin yarn:

It's Kathmandu Aran. I have never knit with it before, but it is soft and nice and pretty and cheap! I am imagining another shrug or some kind of bag with this.

Hey look! It's a pyramid of yarn!

Chocolate Fest was a lot of fun. We walked around, ate some chocolate fondue, people watched. Alex even walked around the knitting store like he almost cared about the yarn. I swear, it is just a matter of time before that boy starts knitting.

That's all. The rest of this week brings more working late, more American Idol, and more secret birthday knitting.

This post was brought to you by the letter Y and the number 12.


And now some not so lovely pictures. . . .

Well, thanks for all the wonderful comments on the shawl! I love it! I may have it make an appearance out and about this weekend, maybe.

And, now I present the random little shrug I decided I wanted to knit (I am sorry for the bad pictures, but I was alone in the apartment and the battery was quickly dying on the camera).
I made this for a couple of reasons:

1. I wanted one and I thought maybe it would look good.
2. I thought it would be easy and I could finish it in a couple of days.

Well, it is true it was easy and it only took a couple of days. I like the shrug, but it is a little tight across the back. I used a ball of Patons classic wool ($5 at JoAnn Fabrics), and it was more about learning how to do it than anything else. I will keep this around, but I might try to gift it to someone that it might fit better on and then make another one. You know, one involving guage swatches and all that! Hey, I am a science person! I like experiments! :)

The stats:
The Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Color 77414. I used nearly one ball.
The needles: Size 8 circulars
The Pattern: Ah, yes, this is where the experimenting became really fun. I decided that I wanted to knit this late late Saturday night. After sifting through old knitting magazines and the few books I had I was not pleased with what I had. So, I tried to find a free pattern. I had some trouble there. Then I found the mini sweater on Glampyre Knits. It was a top-down raglan shrug thingy, so I modified to make my own mini sweater.

And, now, onto socks!

This is the Opal yarn I got frm my dear, sweet Secret Pal. The pattern is one I made up (I am doing this a lot lately). It's a combo of the Jaywalker pattern and the Broadripple pattern. It's Jayripple-licious! I love the yarn overs in Broadripple and the double decrease of the Jaywalkers, so I thought why not throw them into one sock? Anyway, this is sock number one. It's going well.

That's all I have for now. This weekend will hopefully bring a substantial amount of knitting time. I am also considering a few hours of scrapbooking...we will see. Happy Knitting everyone!

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