Spin, Spin, Spinning!

A couple weeks ago I dusted off the ol' spinning wheel and started some spinning some lovely merino/sea cell roving that I had purchased from Creatively Dyed at Stitches Midwest this year. I never really know what I am going to end up with when I am spinning these days. I always want something in the fingering weight area and end up with worsted.
But, it's lovely no matter what.
This is the first 4 oz of the 8 oz I purchased. I ended up with about 180 yards. The second half is going about the same, so I am thinking I will have 360 yards in the end.

Anyone hear handspun Ishbel? What? Who said that!?

Anyway, happy knitting and Happy Thanksgiving!


Beet for Dwight

Well, I did it. I finally finished by beet for Dwight.There is a group on Ravelry that is collecting beets to send to Rainn Wilson. I can't argue with that, I think it is flippin' hilarious.
I am not really good at knitting these kinds of things, but I managed to get through it. It took awhile, but finally, it is done.

The Specs:

The Pattern: Beet by Norah Gaughan, found in Berroco Comfort DK Booklet 274.
The Yarn: Two skeins of Berroco Comfort DK. I didn't even come close to finishing either skein
The Needles: US Size 3
The Mods: My beet has two leaves instead of three. Why? I lost the booklet in the move from the apartment to the house!
The Time to Knit: Nearly seven months! Yikes! Mostly it sat hidden away in my closet during that time.
The Results: I think Dwight would say my two leaved beet is just fine. After all, no two beets are the same.

Happy knitting! :)


From The Queue Friday - Part IV

Well, it's Friday you know what that means - From the Queue Friday, of course!

This week I am going with something a little whimsical - the knitted chicken!

Photo from Susan Anderson. Her website is here.

I will be the first to admit that I am a terrible toy knitter. I always feel like it's going to be hard or too much work. But I don't know there is something about these chickens that make me want to try again. They are just too cute!
The Knit Chicken pattern is from Blue Sky Alpacas and is available from WEBS for $5.50.

So, what's new in your queue?


And the winner is. . . .

Thanks to everyone for all the comments! I enjoyed reading them all. I do hope you find yourself back here at Ye Olde* Knitting Like Crazy blog again soon!

But now what you have been waiting for. The winner of the two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.And the random number generator has gone with ...... RADIOACTIVE GIRL (aka Tori). Congrats Tori and please check your Rav mail about your win!

Thanks everyone. Happy knitting!

* I had this college professor for physical chemistry who would always label test questions and handouts with Ye Olde . . . Just kind of stuck with me. :)


WIP Wednesday

Well, let's see. It's Wednesday, so why not recap what I have been working on, huh? I don't really have any good pictures though. :)

I have been working on a baby sweater made out of this:Those sure do look like Chicago Bears colors! My coworker and his wife are expecting a baby next month, and the man loves his football. I am knitting this sweater (Rav link) (well, the pattern is for a suit, but I am making it into a little button down sweater). I think it will be quite lovely.

The other thing I am working on is a bunch of garter stitch dishcloths for Christmas gifts. I have three so far. I plan on using the idea in the November Creative Knitting Magazine and fold them into angels. Cute and practical. I like that.

So, what are you working on today? Btw, have you entered by giveaway for a chance to win 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces yarn? Details here.


Baby Bibs O' Love

I love me some nice cotton baby bibs. Some Baby Bibs O' Love, that is.
They are a pretty quick knit, useful, and are always a hit with the expectant mommy.These are for a friend of a friend (a nice lady that I have gotten to know a bit over the years). Apparently, she is having a Noah's Ark themed baby room, and needed some bibs to reflect that. I can't argue with that.
They sure are cute.

The Specs:

The Pattern: Baby Bibs O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting
The Yarn: Sugar'n Cream, various colors
The Needles: US Size 4
The Buttons: Various misc. buttons purchased from Joann's
The Time to Knit: Well, I can knit one in a couple of hours (if I am uninterrupted). It took a few weeks to complete the set and get the buttons all sewn on and ready to go.
The Result: Some of the best baby bibs I have produced yet, I think!

So, what are you favorite baby patterns to knit?

Happy knitting!


I was born a Traveling Woman. Wait, what?

Straight from the Ravelry queue to my needles. It's the Traveling Woman shawl. I love this shawl so. It's not for me though. It's a gift. For who? I will not reveal such things. Someone that likely doesn't read the blog though. :)
This was quite a quick little knit. One skein (with about 30 yards leftover) is all it took. My kind of knitting
The Specs:

The Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante
The Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight Mill End
The Needle: US Size 4
The Time to knit: 9 days
The Modifications: I knit Chart A for three pattern repeats instead of two.
The Results: Another one skein shawl to fall in love with!

Hmm, I wonder if another shawl from my Ravelry queue will be hitting the needles soon. Happy knitting!

P.S. I am still running my blog giveaway for some Lorna's Laces sock yarn. It runs until Nov. 12th. Check out this blog post for details!

Some New Lovelies.

Here is the last of the yarn that I dyed a few weeks ago. I just listed them on my etsy site last night. First we have Mochaberry:

Then we have Untitled:
I have been getting more into the semi-solids lately. I think it's all those Cookie A. patterns that I keep adding to the Ravelry queue.

Anyway, just thought I would tempt you with yarn this morning, and remind you that I am still holding my blog giveaway for two skeins of Lorna's Laces Sock yarn. Check out the blog post here.

Happy knitting!


Oh, Lorna's, I love you so. . . .

Note: There is a blog contest with this post! (Details at the bottom of this post. But hey, while your here, why not read my blog?)

So, yesterday, me and some of my fine knitting buddies ventured down to Lorna's Laces for a tour. You may recall we did this in December as well. Super fun. If you live in Chicago and have can get together 12 people, you can have your own Lorna's Laces tour. Seriously. Call your knitter friends. Then email Beth. It's so worth it. Anyway, so we drove down there and were so happy to see all the yarn dyeing in action!

Here's Beth (the owner of Lorna's Laces) dyeing some sock yarn in the Andersonville colorway:

And then there was all that Mill End yarn to buy:That was just one of the tables of yarn. There were, like, four tables full of yarn. Cathy even got enough yarn to knit a Hey Teach sweater. So, like I said. Make a call, send an email. Go see those lovely Lorna's people. It's a seriously good time.

Here is my haul:I am seriously into the semi-solid sock yarn right now. So, I got some of that. Then, the magenta and brown sport weight just screamed out to me. "MAKE ME INTO FAIR ISLE MITTENS!" I listen when yarn screams at me, so I bought that too.

What's that? You are jealous that you didn't get to go to Lorna's Laces? That's ok, I got you some yarn too!

That's right, a blog giveaway! Just leave a comment (including your email address or Ravelry name) and you will be entered into a random drawing for this lovely yarn:
That's two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi. It is a Mill End, but I can say with the last Lorna's Mill End I knit with there was not a thing wrong with it. Just lovely lovely yarn.

I will be accepting comments until Thursday, November 12th at 5pm. Then a random number generator will select the winner. Good luck and happy knitting!


From The Queue Friday - Part III

Time for another From the Queue Friday. I am really enjoying this little segment on the blog. It's really forcing me to look at all that stuff I have added to my Ravelry queue over the last two and a half years.

Well, I am in full panic mode about what Christmas knitting I would like to get done, so how about some cute quick Christmas things from my queue?

First off we have this cute little stocking ornament that I recently added to the queue:

Photo courtesy of bunnyknitter. Her website is here.

This is a free pattern that is available from Little Cotton Rabits. I think this is a great pattern not only because you could probably knit one or two while watching It's A Wonderful Life or White Christmas, but it also would be a wonderful use of that leftover yarn. You can get the pattern here. Who wouldn't love a Mini Christmas Stocking Ornament on their tree!?

The next one is a pattern that I saw awhile ago and just fell in love with. It's Korknisse:

Photo courtesy of Elliphantom. Her website is here (love this blog, btw!).

This is another free pattern that is available online. The pattern is by Manne and was originally written in Norwegian. You can get the English translation of the pattern here. Another great use of leftover yarn (and all those wine bottle corks!). Very cute.

So, how's the holiday knitting going? Have any good holiday related patterns in the queue this week?


WIP Wednesday

So, I am sitting here at work, thinking about all the unfinished projects on the needles (good use of my time, I know).

Anyway, last night I was on twitter saying I was going to finish up a couple of projects. Well, there was some Christmas tree purchasing and what not going on in my house and there was no knitting last night! Argh. But here it is, Wednesday, and it seems like a good idea to get some of those WIPs out this afternoon.

Maybe I will finally finish those baby bibs (the baby they are intended for has been born! Better get a move on with those!). Or perhaps the beet for the Beets for Dwight group on Ravelry? I do need to send that in ASAP!

As you can see it's almost done. And so are those bibs.

Ah, a knitter's work is never done.

So, what's one your needles? Any pesky WIPs you are trying to finish up today?


Rav Group

C'mon, you know you just want one more forum to read on Ravelry!

I have had a Knitting Like Crazy group on Ravelry for some time now. It's been a quiet group lately, and I am hoping to get it hopping again with lots of fun knitting chatter.

Come join me. You know you want to!



A One Skein Shawl. Anyone? Anyone?

Well, after that fantastic From the Queue Friday last week, I decided one of those shawls needed to move out of the queue and onto the needles. But which one? Which one would be the perfect fit for this lovely Mill End of STR that I acquired at Sock Summit?
Stay tuned. (Or you can see it which pattern it is on my Ravelry project page!)

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