Come Fly With Me Socks

May I introduce the Come Fly With Me Socks:

Oh! It's Lacy!

Wow! So lovely!

It looks like my sock wants to fly away!

Like what you see? You can buy it on Ravelry for $5.00.

Click the Buy Now button below to purchase:

Happy sock knitting everyone!


Yarn for Sale!

Just popping in to say hello. Things have been nuts in the Knitting Like Crazy apartment lately. Mainly, Alex and I are under contract for a house! We still have to get through the home inspection and everything, but barring any disasters there, July 23 is the day we will officially be homeowners.

Alex and I have been in this apartment for five years. We are literally bursting at the seams with crap. Both of us have started the great purge. I have been continuing to sell things on Amazon (there is a knitting book there, so check it out!) and I have been putting stuff together for Salvation Army. And, I am putting all my yarn and roving on sale on Etsy.

That's right. It's all on sale!

I have adjusted all the prices (more or less 15% off) and plan to keep in that way until mid-July. Then, I will be closing the shop up for a month while we get everything moved and settled into the new house and everything.

I will now tempt you with a picture of one of the lovelies:C'mon, you know you want some sock yarn. :)


Color Collision

Sometimes a sock pattern comes along and blind-sides you out of nowhere:

Enter the Color Collision Socks!
Garter stitch toe! Fun!
A colorful treat for the feet!

It's the Color Collision socks from the new(-ish) book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. I am using some STR Lightweight (Storytime colorway) that has been marienating in the stash for about a year now.

I started these socks about a week ago and have been faithful to them all week. I am about halfway down the foot on sock number two. If they don't get done tonight, I definitely think they will be finished up during my classy evening at Ravinia with the Grayslake crew tomorrow night. Not much makes me happier than having a picnic, enjoying some good music with some good friends, and some good wine (but not too much if I want to finish the sock, or course) all rolled into one.

Sunday should be ok too. Probably a little knitting, a little working (I have to work Saturday and Sunday. Icky, but Sock Summit is less than two months away and the OT is nice), and maybe some practicing of that golf swing.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Happy knitting!


The Office Swap

I am pretty sure I have talked about this on the blog before. I love the tv show The Office. It is one of my favorites ever. I can rewatch episodes twenty times and not get sick of it. That being said, when The Office Swap Round 2 came around on Ravelry, I had to sign up again. I had so much fun the first time so why not!

Here are some pics of my incredible package:

What's that? A My First Jim Crocheted doll with accessories!?!?!? So awesome. I loved everything. And, I was so excited to get some sock yarn (this sock yarn diet is becoming harder and harder by the day. This definitely took the edge off). It's Alpaca Sox, a yarn I have never used before and been dying to try.

Thanks, Emily!



Well, on Sunday me and the G-town ladies went up to Milwaukee for Mel's bridal shower. We had a great time. It was wonderful see Mel, and it was wonderful to be able to give her some knitted goodness:I made her a bunch of warshrags (and I gifted her a table in a bag, so we can match when we go to Ravinia on the 13th. And honestly, everyone should have one of those. They are awesome!) Basically, it was some Mason Dixon knitting up in here. There was a ballband, a nine-patch, a mitered hanging towel, a baby genius warshrag, and a good ol' Mason Dixon dishcloth. A lovely collection if you ask me.

I have to be honest, I don't always knit for people for their various showers and celebrations. In some cases the people got married or whatever before I could really knit, or sometimes it's because I know the person will not really appreciate it.

There was no question that I would knit for Mel. She is a good egg. She appreciates this stuff so so much. And, I know they will be well-loved and used.

Anyone else have lots of wedding/baby knitting to do this summer? :)

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