It was just what I needed.

So, today was not the greatest day of work. In fact, it was pretty stressful. Lots of things were messed up today (both at work and in my head). I was feeling a little down this afternoon when I arrived home, but something managed to turn it around. It was this:
A wonderful package from my Office Swap Partner, metoteach! I joined the swap on Ravelry awhile back and was so excited to get my package today. It definitely made my day improve greatly.

And, while I am here, I would like to show you the latest sweater off the needles:
I am not only a joy to knit, but also to wear!
The Specs:
The Pattern: Hey Teach from Knitty
The Yarn: Lion Brand, Cotton Ease, 5 skeins, I think.
The Needles: I had to go way way down on the needle size. The pattern calls for size 8. I had to use size 4!
The Time to Knit: About a month of knitting. Then, a week or so to finish the seaming and what not.
The Result: Pure joy! I love this sweater.

I think that's all I have for now. There is lots of other knitting (and actually a bit of crochet too) but nothing to show off just yet. Soon.

Hope everyone has a good week. Happy knitting!



So, I don't know about anything else, but I frequently turn to Lime & Violet for all that is good and wonderful in the fibery world.

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered I am the Etsy Site of the Day on the Daily Chum!!! You can see the post here.

Hooray! Oh, how wonderful a day this has become!

Happy knitting.


Oh, Juliet. . . .

Finally! My Juliet Sweater is done. I finished it up this morning. Hooray! It feels like so long since I have completed something.

I think Juliet needs to be taken on a hot date.

Here is the scoop on this thing:

Pattern: Juliet
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted, which I got in a yarn trade from someone on Ravelry. Yarn was double stranded for whole project.
Needles: Size 9
Time to knit: About three weeks, but then it sat for a month needing buttons and a good blocking.
Result: It's fabulous. I absolutely love it. I can't wait to wear it (probably to knitting group tonight!)

And, I am happy to report that not only is this sweater done, but my Hey Teach! sweater is nearly complete. I just have a little more seaming to do and I need to go get some buttons for it. So, it looks like by the time this weekend is over, I might have have two completed sweaters.

Hmm, what to knit next? :)

Happy knitting.


Long time, no see. . . .

Well, I have finally got around to blogging again. It seems like every time I make a vow to blog more, things get busy and I blog less. Hmm, maybe I should vow to blog less. Would I blog more? Probably not. Oh well.

My sock mojo has started to come back. And, just in time too. I am going Ruth's Mystery Sock KAL, and so far, I am in love with my sock:
Jealous of my sock, aren't you? :) Well, you can visit Ruth's Blog and get the first couple of clues. Ruth blogs at http://theyarnarian.blogspot.com. I am knitting my sock with some yarn I got from Creatively Dyed yarn while at Stitches. I like that this is my dive back into socks. One clue every Monday makes for a manageable amount of sock knitting.

I have been working on some other things too. My brother, Matt, has requested a Mega Man Helmet (like this one) for Christmas, so I have started on that:
He is going to be so happy when he gets it. He has been wanting video game themed knitted gifts for a long time now.

Finally, since I have today off (hooray for the county job that gives you election day off), I have finally blocked my Juliet:This thing cannot dry fast enough. I want to wear it so bad. Hopefully by this weekend the buttons will be sewn on and I can wear it to knitting on Sunday.

Other than that, things are good. I can't complain about anything. Life has been very good to me lately. I haven't been dyeing a lot of yarn these days, but that's ok. I have a couple custom orders to finish up in the next couple weeks, and I probably will dye a bit for my shop for holiday time, but it's been slow going. I think it will pick back up a bit once the economy in general picks back up. I don't think many people are spending extra money on things like yarn. One of these days. :)

Have a happy election day everyone! And, please get out and vote! Happy knitting.

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