Martin the Snail

A couple months ago I mentioned joining the FreshStitches Kit Club. Well, another kit arrived in the mail, and like last time, I ripped the baby open and got stitching!

This time, it was Martin the Snail. Stacey included a ball of Noro to make a mega shell. That was definitely my favorite part of the project!

The whole snail took maybe 4 hours (I'm guessing here...I was making an eyeball here, and antennae there). I love the way he turned out.

He has joined Sir Catepillar in my office for the time being. He's so cheery, I think he might just stay there!


The Great Catch-Up

Well, hello there! It's been awhile, blog. I missed you.

There are lots of reasons for the non-blogging. Book deadline nearly ended me. This one seemed so much harder than the first one. Honestly, I think it's because with the first book, I had no idea how it would do. And then it did really well. Like blew-my-expectations-out-of-the-water well. So with this second one I felt so much pressure (from myself) for this one not to suck. It was literally kept me up at night. Now it's done (well, it's with the publisher getting all beautified into a book) so now I sit here and wait, thinking about what my third book might be. :) Then there was life. The hubs had some health issues (completely resolved now...nothing a couple days in the hospital couldn't fix) and my dad found out he had cancer and had surgery and will be starting the chemo/radiation portion soon. Both Alex and my dad are doing well. Glad everyone is on the mend, staying positive and moving along. I definitely had time to blog in the last couple months, but honestly, I just didn't feel like it.

But, through it all, there was knitting. For awhile, it was mostly book knitting, but in between that, I snuck in a thing or two. Here is just some of it.

I ran a mystery shawl KAL in November. I still haven't given the shawl it's proper photo shoot. But here it is:

You can see lots of pretty ones over on Ravelry. You had options for a small & large size!

I finished the baby hat that I was working on for Baby Nolan. Nolan arrived in December and already loves his hat (which of course I don't have a picture of him wearing). My friends gave their baby an owl themed room, so this was the perfect little hat for him!

Then my Beth, one of my knit night buddies, had a baby a couple weeks ago. We threw her a baby shower with lots of hand-knits. She was going with a nautical theme baby room, so a Save the Baby Whales cardi it was for her wee one.
Then I knit a little sheep ornament, using the new free pattern from Berroco:
I crocheted a cowl for my coworker who bought me the yarn I used when she was in Ireland a couple years ago:
I also knit a whole sweater for myself! But that deserves it's own blog post I think. A rare occurrence in the land of the shawl knitter. :)

So, that's it (for now).  I have some new design projects in the works. I have ideas for some KALs for this year that I'm excited about. Things are good. Chugging along. Always knitting (and crocheting!).

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