Take a Hike Socks

I have a new sock pattern now available on Ravelry. It's the Take a Hike Socks:

The sample (knit for me by the wonderful Manda) is out of a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy. There was tons of yarn left over. So, any skein of sock yarn should do you just fine.

 I love the pattern on the top and how it stretches out to go down the leg and onto the foot of the sock!

So, thinking you saw this in another design recently? Well, you'd be right. It's the same stitch pattern from my Take a Hike Cowl!

The Take a Hike socks are available on Ravelry for download. Cost is $5.00. You can see the pattern page here, of you can click the "Buy Now" button below.

Hope you enjoy the new pattern. Happy knitting! :)


Mystery Medallion Shawl KAL - CLUE FOUR

Well, it's time for the last Mystery Medallion Shawl Clue.

Download Clue Four Now

Some people on Ravery were asking how to make this last clue bigger. The answer? Just repeat Rows 1-4 again until you are happy with the shawl size. For every 4 row repeat, you will do the four stitch repeat one extra time.

Thanks so much for knitting along. If you are on Ravelry, post a pic in the completed shawl thread to be entered in to win prizes. Not on Ravelry? Leave a comment on the blog with a link to your picture. Or you can email me a picture at jen AT knittinglikecrazy DOT com.

I will be posting my finished pics next week! Happy knitting!


Mystery Shawl KAL - Week 3 Progress

Well, the Mystery Shawl Clues are winding down. How's everyone doing with their progress? Here are a couple shots of mine after completing clue three:

This has been my favorite clue so far. I love that this lace compliments the center panel so well.

I can't wait to see everyone's finished shawls over the next couple of weeks! And, here's a hint about the final clue coming out tomorrow:

If you are scared about running out of yarn, it's a pretty short clue. It's only a few rows (less than 10).

Can't wait for Friday! Happy KAL knitting. :)


They need to know the truth. . . .

So, when I ordered my new chart keeper from Slipped Stitch Studios, I also ordered a little something for my cubicle at work:

Because, honestly, the people around the lab need to know the truth about me. :)


My New Chart Keeper

A couple weeks ago, when we were dying yarn at my house, Beth pulled out this awesome chart keeper she had purchased on Etsy.

Filled with chart keeper envy, I asked her where she got it. Slipped Stitch Studios, she replied. Cut to me ordering my own the very next day!

I could not resist the deer themed chart keeper. Looks like my back yard (with a lot less weeds!). What I like about this chart keeper is the zipper pocket. I also like that your whole pattern can slide right in the plastic cover.
You can order the magnet ribbon thingies from the Slipped Stitch Etsy shop, but I already had a few.
The one in the middle I got from my friend, Cathy, the two outside ones I got in a swap package last year.

I am very excited about my latest Etsy purchase. I know I will be putting it to good use.

Get anything good on Etsy lately?

Happy knitting. :)


Phineas Shawl

I am happy to introduce my newest pattern - The Phineas Shawl!

It's knit out of 2 balls of Knit Picks Chroma Fingering. It's a pretty large shawl, with three lace sections instead of the traditional two.

I love the pattern with the stripes of the yarn. It's the perfect combo!

Many thanks to my wonderful test/sample knitter, Mimi. Excellent work and I look forward to working with you more!

The pattern is just $2.99. It's a chart based pattern, but don't let that scare you. The charts really are not too bad. Why not learn them now and knit yourself a Phineas Shawl?

Happy knitting!


Mystery Medallion Shawl - Clue Three

It's Clue Day!

You can get Clue #3 by clicking the link below:

Download Clue Number Three

Also, as I posted last night, I am having a pattern sale this weekend:

Now thru Sunday, 5/22. 20% off all patterns in my Ravelry shop. Use coupon code “bday” to have discount applied at checkout

Hope you enjoy the next clue! It's my favorite of them all!


Bday Special!

Well, tomorrow is my birthday. Nothing too exciting will be happening. Just a little dinner with Alex and a Mystery Shawl Clue. Actually, seems like a fine way to spend a birthday!

To celebrate hitting the big 3-1, I am having a sale in my Ravelry shop. 20% off all my patterns available in the Ravelry shop! Just use the coupon code "bday" to have the discount applied at checkout!

Sale ends on May 22! Enjoy! :)


Mystery Medallion KAL - My progress

How's everyone's progress coming along with the Mystery Medallion Shawl? Hope everyone is doing well. 
This week was a pretty short clue with only 14 rows to do. I thought it would be a good chance for people to get caught up!

This week, we added the secret heart chart. If you look closely, I think the garter stitch band looks like there might be some lace hearts hidden in there.
What's up for the clue coming out on Friday? It will be a little bit longer and a little bit lacier. I think everyone will like it. The next clue is my favorite. 

Check back Friday for Clue #3! Happy KAL knitting!


One year ago. . . .

One year ago today, Alex made me a scrapbook page and then asked me to marry him.

How could I say no to a man who decided to use arts & crafts to propose? Seriously, people.


Mystery Medallion Shawl KAL - Clue 2

Happy Friday! Clue Number 2 of my Mystery Medallion Shawl is now available!

Click the link below to go straight to the PDF download.

download now

The clue contains both Clue 1 & 2 with Clue 2 being on page three.

Happy knitting. And, if you like, join us on Ravelry for help and chatter about the shawl. Hope everyone is enjoying it so far!


Yarn Dyeing Day

The other weekend, some of my favorite knitting buddies came over for a little yarn dyeing fun. 

When I was dyeing yarn and selling it on Etsy, I would do it in my basement. But, this particular Sunday it was so beautiful that we took the yarn dyeing out to our back yard. 

Here is a nice in progress shot:

Everyone dyed lots of beautiful colors. I encouraged them all to open Etsy shops. :) Here are the many skeins drying:
Yum. Yum and Yum. Everyone took their skeins home and I can't wait to see how they knit up. Lots of semi-solids in there for shawls and Cookie A socks! Beth dyed some roving too (which is on the bottom left of the pic above). I think it's going to spin up awesome!

I hope to have another yarn dyeing day with my friends soon. We always have such a fantastic time!

Happy knitting (and yarn dyeing)!


Mystery Shawl - Clue 1 Progress

I have been loving seeing pics of everyone's shawls in progress over on Ravelry. Everyone is doing really well! I was a little worried that clue number one was going to be a little too much knitting for one week, but it seems to be doable for most people, which is great!

I thought I would share my shawl after Clue #1:

So far so good. I am totally in love with the panel down the center. My math nerd/geometry loving mind just loves it!

How's your shawl progress coming?

Happy knitting! Come back Friday for Clue #2!


Mystery Shawl KAL - CLUE ONE

Hooray! The Mystery Shawl KAL is officially on!!! Are you ready?

In order to make it easy for everyone (you and me both), the clue is available as a PDF download. Each week I will update the pattern with a new clue. The new clue will start on a new page of the pattern, so you can just print the pages you need each week!

You can get Clue #1 for the Mystery Medallion Shawl by clicking here

If you have any questions or need help, just email me (jen AT knittinglikecrazy DOT com) or send me a Rav message (knitlikecrazy). You can also join the Ravelry group, we will be chatting lots about the shawl over the next few weeks over there.

Have fun, thanks for knitting along, and happy knitting!


On your marks, get set . . . .

Well, the Mystery Shawl KAL starts tomorrow! I can't wait to get going and to see how everyone likes the shawl. I really hope you won't be disappointed!

I thought I would review everything before we start, just so we are all ready to go. Here is the information about the clues coming out:

Here is how it is going to work:
Each Friday in May I will be posting a clue for the next set of directions for the shawl. There will be 4 clues total. I will post the clues both on my blog and on Ravelry.

May 6
May 13
May 20
May 27


Here is information on how to win prizes:

After the last clue comes out, everyone will have two weeks to get caught up/finish their shawl. The KAL will end on Friday 6/10. Post a picture in the Ravelry group in this thread, or post a link to your picture and you will be entered in to win some prizes. Want to see the prizes? See this blog post.

Here is the information on what you will need to knit the shawl:

One skein of sock weight yarn (400yards)
US Size 4 needles
Stitch markers (2)

Tapestry Needle

Here is the gauge information:

6sts/inch in stockinette stitch

When the KAL is over, I will put the clues all into one pretty little pattern and it will be available on Ravelry for free.

Can't wait to start tomorrow! Have fun everyone! :)


And the winner is. . . .

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments on the scarf! I really appreciate everyone's continued support and I enjoyed reading every single comment. 

And now onto what you all have been waiting for. The winner (as determined by the random number generator) is . . .Knittingdancer!! Please check your Rav messages, knittingdancer, I sent you a message.
Hope you enjoy your three balls of Firefly to knit your own Firefly Foxmoor Scarf.

Thanks everyone, and I hope you all enjoy knitting the pattern!

Sad that you didn't win? Well, there's still time to sign up for my Mystery Shawl KAL which starts on Friday! Sign up in this Ravelry thread. There are prizes to be won! Tempt, tempt.

Happy knitting! :)


April Cookie A Sock Club

So, I am a little behind on my blogging of the Cookie A. sock club. And, I have to admit, I have not yet knit my February socks. I think there will be lots of Cookie A. sock club knitting happening for me while at Sock Summit though. I have been working a lot on new designs (and the Mystery Shawl KAL!) so there hasn't been a lot of time for random sock knitting.

At Sock Summit, oh at Sock Summit, I will knit whatever socks make me happy, which I think will be all my Cookie A. sock club socks. :)

Anyway, in April, I received the next installment of yarn:

It's a new yarn from Lorna's Laces, and OMG is it beautiful!

The yarn is 55% SW Merino, 15% Nylon, and 30% Outlast (which is some sort of mystery awesome fiber that is supposed to keep your feet nice and temperature controlled!)

Totally in love with this yarn! Can't wait to knit it up!

Happy knitting. :)


Meet Chubby Chirp, The Second

As you followers of my blog know, when I get addicted to a pattern, I get addicted to a pattern. Something takes over me and I can knit the same thing over and over again (I've knit three Ishbels, five of my own Carefree shawl, and three Baby Surprise Jackets). Um, I think it may be starting with the Chubby Chirps.

This time, I knit the little guy out of some Berrocco Weekend that I had leftover from another project. I used the safety eyes this time, and I think he came out even better than my first Chubby Chirp!

Will I knit more of these? Yes, I think I will. They take just an hour or two to knit and I think they are about the cutest thing ever. I am not a toy knitter, but these guys have me hooked!

What are your favorite toys to knit? I think I may be ready to expand my toy knitting horizons soon!

Happy knitting. :)

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