Coasters and Cozies

Well, here are the coasters that I knit on Sunday. I quite enjoy them. I saw them on an episode of Knitty Gritty on DIY a couple of weeks ago and thought "Hey, I think I can knit that." Some leftover yarn and a couple hours later I had my set of four coasters. I think my friend Claire will enjoy them...they will match her kitchen. I used yarn I already had, which is always a good thing because a) I use up yarn I am tired of looking at and 2) I will soon have room for more yarn, which really is the key factor in this equation. You can find the pattern for these coasters here. I used some cheap 100% acrylic yarn that I had in my stash (I used TLC Essentials, Worsted Weight yarn in two different colors: 2672 Lt Thyme and 2916 Island). I am quite pleased with the result. I definitely will be knitting up some more of these for Christmas gifts. Ah, the Christmas knitting. Will it ever end?

I also knit a couple of wine cozy as part of my let's use up some yarn and get some Christmas knitting done at the same time plan. I found this pattern on Knitty.com. You can find the pattern for this wine cozy here. I really really like the way it turned out. I more than like it, I love it. I know that I am going to have no choice but to knit one for myself!

Hmm, in other news, my sister, Melissa, thinks my knitting blog is out of control (and not in a good way). I think she is off her rocker. I think it's smart. I knit a lot of stuff and then give it away, and I think it's nice to remember what I have knit. Just wait, in a year she will have her own knitting blog and then she will want to be my knitting blog friend!

And with that, it is back to knitting. I am working on some American Girl doll clothes for a little girl who is going to be getting one of these dolls for Christmas this year. I find patterns for these dolls to be few and far between in the land of free patterns on the internet, but I like what I have and I think everything will turn out nicely. We will see. . . .

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