more baby knitting. . . .

Well, this weekend did, in fact, involve quite abit of knitting. I finished the baby booties to match the hat I made. I crocheted the top with the white yarn after sewing up the
booties. I think they are great! I made up my own pattern for them and I think they turned out nice. The picture makes them look like they are two different sizes, but I swear they are the same size!

I finished up the baby sock a couple days ago. I plan on casting on for the second sock this afternoon. I know that I better start it today or this sock will never have a partner. I am using a free pattern that I found here. My sock, of course, looks nothing like the picture, but I like my sock anyway (it's the Ruffle Ribs sock). I am using some Trekking XXL sock yarn. I like that yarn.

Yesterday I also started and finished some secret Christmas knitting. I took a picture of the finished product but I don't want to post it until the gift is given. We wouldn't want to ruin anyone's surprise!!

Alright, well that's all. Back to sitting around, thinking about how I have no desire to leave my apartment today (it's 16 degrees outside!! icky!).


  1. Jenny, I love your baby booties! They are adorable and wonderful, especially since you made the pattern up yourself! Love, Jenny

  2. thanks jenny! we need to get together to knit, chat and drink coffee very soon!

  3. Anonymous3:24:00 PM

    The Ruffle socks are simply darling!

  4. I love your secret christmas knitting! thanks for taking the time to make it for me! I LOVE IT! And your thoughtful roommate!


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