This was not a budget purchase.

So, as some of you may know, I have put myself on a crafting budget. After doing some math, I realized I spent way too much money on knitting and scrapbooking in the last year. Ok, I didn't really do some math, but I looked at some credit card statements and holy cow! Anywho, I decided that $50 a month it is. So, if I need yarn to make a sweater, I am going to have to save up. Need more road trip themed scrapbooking supplies for the road trip '05 scrapbook? Oh yeah, coming out of the budget. It's a smart move. I am sure I will abandon it my April. :)

Anyway, in another very smart move by me I decided that new crafting budget was going to start on January 1. A new years resolution for the crafty person, if you like. Of course, on Dec. 29 I was on the internet buying yarn like a crazy woman. I received box number one from internet yarn shopping yesterday: it came from The Loopy Ewe. I had read about this website on many a-blog, and had visited many times, looking at the same stuff over and over. So I did it--I bought the stuff I wanted. I got some sock blockers, which should be fun. I don't really ever block my socks. I always want to wear them the second I finish them. But since I am trying to improve on my knitting abilities and I want to be a real knitter, then blocking I must do! These sock blockers are gi-normous! At first I was concerned about the size, but then, remembering I have huge feet (size 11--yikes), I slipped my broadripple sock on it and it was a perfect fit. Good news. The yarn I got is one skein of Fleece Artist in Rose and two skeins of Lorna's Laces in Hawaii.

Well, in Broadripple sock land there is a pair of socks....the second sock just needs a toe to be closed. Perhaps this afternoon. I didn't take any pictures of the finished products but the monkey socks have been done for a while, and the skinny alpaca scarf has also been completed. So, really, the only thing I have been working on is the socks.

That is all for now. I must prepare myself for a shopping excursion. Where, you ask? The yarn shop, of course! There is a nearby yarn shop that I have yet to visit that is having a sale on all things related to knitting socks. Perhaps I will take some pictures. Can't buy too much though....damn budget.

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