Random Happenings on a Monday

First off, I have to say a great big thanks for all the lovely comments on the Combo Corset-T! For those of you who would like the pattern, it is free and you can find it here. In order to fix the problem with the space in between the buttons I totally just singled crocheted the thing closed. So, now I have a button-down sweater you pull over your head. But I love it about 15 times more now, so I think it was the right decision!

Onto new things. . . .

Well, it is only one day until I go to see the Yarn Harlot. I am quite excited. My sister, Melissa, who knits on occasion and thinks my knitting blog is funny, is going to come with me. I don't think she knows who Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is but I am sure she will have a good time. I am bribing her with dinner and I bought her book for her. When I told her she might want to bring the scarf she has been knitting for the last several months with her because people will be knitting during this thing, I think she thought I was a little nuts. Well, knitters are a little nuts! :) Anyway, I went to the bookstore today to buy our books. I mean, she will be at a bookstore tomorrow, but I decided not to take any chances.

So, seeing that my sister does not knit nearly as much as I do, I decided I would just go ahead and knit her hat to be donated. As you can see, I have some work to do tonight! But, hat number two is well on it's way. And, my sister is going to drive to Oak Brook tomorrow so I can always weave in some ends then! :)
In other things knitty, here is the start of my Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. I have not been working on it much since things have been crazy around here with hat knitting. Also, I found it difficult to knit this while watching tv, which is usually when I knit. This is requiring a lot more concentration then a lot of other things I knit. I love it though. I think it will be beautiful when it is done!
That yarn is Mountain Colors in Wildflower.

Finally, while shopping for Yarn Harlot books today I totally bought this:

It's Modular Knits! I knit that coaster above using that technique, and then I was reading Sarah's blog today and she has it, and I got knitting book envy. So, when I went to the store and saw it, I don't know, somehow it just ended up in my arms! I have some other things I want to knit first, but I am sure I will be knitting out of this book very soon.

Anyway, that's all for now. I am still working on some socks, but those have taken a back seat to hats and shawls and things. This week is very busy with the Yarn Harlot tomorrow, the taping of a League of Women Voters meeting to be played on public access at a later date (hell yeah I can make my own shows and put them on public access) on Wednesday and a Snow Patrol concert on Thursday! Oh socks, when will you ever be done!?

And, now to cook some dinner!

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