Ahh! It's Blanche!

Thanks for all the comments on the dyed yarn! The plan is to have it up on etsy the first week of June. And, of course, I will be having some kind of contest/yarn giveaway to celebrate. Details coming soon! Now to answer a couple of questions about this whole yarn thing.

Brenda asked if I was selling it on etsy. Yes, yes I am. The site is knittinglikecrazy.etsy.com. There is nothing up there at the moment, but that's where the yarn goodies will be.

Sheila asked what weight the yarn is. Everything that I have dyed thus far is fingering weight yarn (7-8 sts to the inch, on size 1-3 needles). Perfect for socks! :) I have a couple of skeins of worsted weight yarn around here from when my sister and I attempted the great Kool-Aid dyed yarn attempt of 2007, so I will likely dye and sell that as well!

And, now, for some knitty goodness. On Thursday I took the train to Chicago, so my friends and I could go see Rue McClanahan. Oh yes, she played Blanche in Golden Girls. While on the train I completed my first Jayripplicious sock:

It enjoyed making the trip to meet Rue. We got to Borders, had to stand in the back because there were so so many people there, and patiently waited for Rue. She came out, read from her new book, and then she signed them. Sara may have had tears in her eyes. I mean, her and Kimi love the Golden Girls so much they named their pet guinea pigs Blanche and Rose. Seriously. Finally, after waiting in line, we met her!That's Rue in the front. I have to say she looks just as fabulous as she did in the Golden Girls! Then we have in the back(from left to right) Sara, Kimi, me, and Alex). I can't believe I got to meet a Golden Girl this week. How awesome!

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I am now going to sit on the couch, watch Food Network and work on Jayripplicious sock #2. Happy knitting! :)

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