And now some not so lovely pictures. . . .

Well, thanks for all the wonderful comments on the shawl! I love it! I may have it make an appearance out and about this weekend, maybe.

And, now I present the random little shrug I decided I wanted to knit (I am sorry for the bad pictures, but I was alone in the apartment and the battery was quickly dying on the camera).
I made this for a couple of reasons:

1. I wanted one and I thought maybe it would look good.
2. I thought it would be easy and I could finish it in a couple of days.

Well, it is true it was easy and it only took a couple of days. I like the shrug, but it is a little tight across the back. I used a ball of Patons classic wool ($5 at JoAnn Fabrics), and it was more about learning how to do it than anything else. I will keep this around, but I might try to gift it to someone that it might fit better on and then make another one. You know, one involving guage swatches and all that! Hey, I am a science person! I like experiments! :)

The stats:
The Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Color 77414. I used nearly one ball.
The needles: Size 8 circulars
The Pattern: Ah, yes, this is where the experimenting became really fun. I decided that I wanted to knit this late late Saturday night. After sifting through old knitting magazines and the few books I had I was not pleased with what I had. So, I tried to find a free pattern. I had some trouble there. Then I found the mini sweater on Glampyre Knits. It was a top-down raglan shrug thingy, so I modified to make my own mini sweater.

And, now, onto socks!

This is the Opal yarn I got frm my dear, sweet Secret Pal. The pattern is one I made up (I am doing this a lot lately). It's a combo of the Jaywalker pattern and the Broadripple pattern. It's Jayripple-licious! I love the yarn overs in Broadripple and the double decrease of the Jaywalkers, so I thought why not throw them into one sock? Anyway, this is sock number one. It's going well.

That's all I have for now. This weekend will hopefully bring a substantial amount of knitting time. I am also considering a few hours of scrapbooking...we will see. Happy Knitting everyone!

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