I never win anything. . . .

Ok, first off, this has nothing to do with knitting, but last night I was in the apartment, reading my email with all the lights off when I realized it was kind of glowing pink/orange in here. I looked outside and this is what the sky looked like: Hmm, I am imagine some yarn dyed that color soon. It's just so pretty! We shall see.

Next, Anne was running a contest on her blog recently (it was to raise money for Claudia's MS Ride). Anne was giving away lots of good stuff and I happened to be the winner of some fine STR Mediumweight in Sherbert, donated by her friend Gail:

It's really bright and not a color I think I would normally pick, but now that I have it, I just can't wait to knit with it! Hmm, maybe this means I need to get motivated to finish knitting some socks, so I can use it. Thanks again to Anne and Claudia and Gail. You all rock!

I have lots of knitting lists that I have made in the last week or so and since, you know, this is a blog about knitting I thought I would share.

First we have the Knit List (things that I am currently knitting):

  1. Washcloths for the bridal shower I have at the end of July (these are actually almost done. hooray for not procrastinating!)
  2. Soleil (as we know, this is off the needles, but still has some work to be done)
  3. Wisp
  4. Embossed Leaves socks (ugh. I am still on sock #1. I have lost motivation for this socks. It is sad because they are so pretty)
  5. Lacy socks that I made up the pattern for (I think I am ready to start working on these again)

Ok, that list is longer than I would like to be, but I suffer from knitting ADD and, frankly, it could be a lot worse.

Then I made list of things I want to knit sometime soon:

  1. Coupling socks from Knitty
  2. Titania Revenge Socks
  3. Flicker Socks
  4. Tomato Sweater
  5. Morning Glory Shawl

And, finally, I then made a list of what I would like to try to buy when I go to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair next month:

  1. Yarn for Morning Glory Shawl
  2. New sock yarn that is different from anything that I currently have.

That's a lot of lists! But, that is how I operate in life. Lots of lists.

Ok, that's all I have for today. My friends and I are going to have a day in the park! Oh the bocce ball! The frisbee! The knitting outside! It will be great.

Have a good weekend. Happy knitting!


  1. Congratulations on winning something! That's always a great feeling.

    I'm impressed with your list-making! I tried that too, but then I discovered that I love knitting socks, and the list kinda went by the wayside. I have no willpower!

  2. I am a list-maker too. Helps me to stay on-track (that is, if I don't lose my list).

    The STR is bright, but so pretty.

  3. Congrats!

    I have such a long list of things I want to make and I keep adding on too fast! I have to make my list by what I want to work on for the day, or for the week...

  4. I'm going to that too! We'll have to discuss more closer to the event.

  5. Great sunset photo! As for the STR yarn, I think it's pretty, especially the pink and orange part. Your list makes me feel guilty about not making my own list.

  6. Guess what else you win........Fugly Friday! Go see your post, and let me know what kind of stash you're interseted in.

  7. Beautiful sky and yarn! I should make some knitting related lists, but I think right now that would be too depressing. But your lists are very good and seem perfectly reasonable.

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