There has been knitting!

Well, I have been quite the busy lady in the last week or so. Somehow, I have found time for some knitting, which is good.

Even though this was not on my list of things to knit, I couldn't help it. It just kind of happened. It's the Baby Kimono Sweater from Mason Dixon Knitting. I so used leftover dishcloth cotton for this. But, hey, it's soft, it's bright and machine washable. After I finished knitting it, I learned that my college roommate, Karen, is pregnant, so it was perfect timing. She is not finding out the sex of the baby, but clearly she is going to have a girl. She has to, so I can gift her this sweater! I just need to finish seaming this up and make some ties for the side and it will be ready for gifting.

Speaking of seaming, I finished my blue lacy socks. Well, I need to graft the toe shut, which I wanted to do before blogging so I could post a picture, but, alas I cannot find my little bag o' knitting notions. The reason I can't find it is the bedroom looks like this: Oh, I am embarrassed to even post that. I should stop blogging and go clean...seriously! Anyway, I will have a pic of the blue lacy socks, once I locate the bag with the needle I need to close the toe!

I did finish one Embossed Leaves sock this week too:

It's so pretty! I am not quite ready to start on the second one, but soon. I am thinking it may come with me to TN at the beginning of August. It might be a good one to work on during the long car ride. I will probably have to pay Alex in Egg McMuffins to drive all the way there, but it will be worth it, if I get to knit the whole time. :)

Oh, I saw the Harry Potter movie Thursday. How I love Harry Potter! I didn't love book 5 like I did the others, but after seeing the movie I would like to go back and read it again. Very good movie. I am on HP overload (as I am sure many of you are too). I can't wait to get my hands on that last book. I have never gone at midnight to get anything in my life, but I will be at the Barnes and Noble waiting for my Harry Potter book. Next weekend will be crazy with getting the new book and going to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair Saturday morning. There will be lack of sleep, but it will be a good weekend!

Hmm, that's all the knitting I have at the moment. I think I am going to put some knitting podasts onto my iPod and clean the disaster that is my room.

Happy knitting! :)

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