I'm off again!

Well, here at Knitting Like Crazy things have been a little, well, crazy. Alex and I are off again to WI tomorrow. So, sadly this means no Stitches Midwest for me this year. Boo!

Anyway, enough complaining and onto all things knitty:

I managed to find some time to dye some yarn this week:
Sorry for the slightly blurry, not great picture, but it is dark in here. This stuff will be up on my Etsy site next week, so stay tuned. I am also thinking of a blog contest so come back next week to get details on that. The yarn dyeing has been quite fun. I only have a little bit of undyed yarn left around here, so hopefully I can make a couple more sales to justify buying more. *hint, hint* :) The two in the middle were an experiment, which while they are very very pretty, they did not turn out quite as I imagined. I was going for more variation in the color. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

Hmm, what else? Ah, yes. Yesterday evening I spent some time with my friend Claire. She and I went to college together and were lab partners and the like. She is a good egg. She is learning to knit, and I am always looking for someone to knit with. I have been wanting to find a place around here with a good knit night, so I took her to Mosaic Yarn Studio in Des Plaines for their knit night. I was a pretty good time. The only ones there who were not in a class and there just to knit and chat were me and, um, Claire. We did sit with Marie, who works there and was very very nice, so it was a good time. Marie was knitting a sock too, so we chatted about toe up socks. Good times. Everyone that worked there was very nice and oohh-ed and aahh-ed over me and Claire's projects. The bad part? When one of the ladies in one of the classes came over to look at our knitting and made a comment about Claire's baby blanket. She pointed out all the mistakes and made, what I feel, were snotty comments about how she needs to fix them. It is her first real project!!! It looks fine, great, in fact. Some people, I tell ya.

Finally, I think I am going to have to frog one of my projects. It's Wisp. I think I am allergic to the yarn. The first time I knit this project I got kind of sneezy. I didn't really think anything of it, just thought I needed to dust the apartment or something. Then this week I picked it back up and things went poorly. There was a runny nose, there were watery eyes and there was sneezing. So, I am going to try again in a couple days to knit it and to confirm that I am having an allergic reaction to the yarn. I am a scientist, I like things done in triplicate. We will see.

Ok, I feel like this post was kind of weird and random, but I am kind of in a random, weird mood. Hopefully some boating fun in Wisconsin tomorrow and Sunday will lift the funk.

Happy knitting! :)


  1. Pretty! Pretty! Blast, I am still waiting on someone to get me what I was for my B-Day... Maybe when the checks come in...

  2. Your yarn is beautiful! I love the brown/red/white batch, it's so pretty!
    And you're going away again? Wow, woman, you must have been really good to deserve so much fun and relaxation!

    I saved up, and had planned on buying your Sunburn yarn because it ROCKS, but we've had some unexpected bills arise. My Jake is in the puppy hospital! :(( So my fun money goes to getting him better. He's really, really sick, so send good thoughts his way please!

  3. Pretty yarn!

    Too bad about the possible allergy, but I'm glad to see you are doing the experiment in triplicate!

  4. Oh good heavens! It must be the bit of angora in it. What a drag. I know that I was a bit sniffy when I was using that yarn for the air wrap around but it happens to me with lots of different yarns. Especially the mohair blends.
    I will be watching your Etsy shop. I love that chunk of purple/brownish yarn. That's got "Shelley" written all over it!!


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