Hey Look! It's Soleil!

Ah, yes, here it is. The moment everyone has been waiting for....FO pics of Soleil!

The specs:

The Pattern: Soleil (free from Knitty)
The Yarn: Elann Sonata
The Needle: Size 5 (which is what I needed to get gauge)
The Cost: $0!!! The yarn was from my SP10, Shelley, and the needles I had from a previous project.
The Verdict: Pretty good. I wish I would have knit it about two inches longer before starting the v-neck. I like my shirts pretty long, and should have considered that while knitting. Oh well. I think it still looks grand!

It feels good to be done with a big project. I have nothing big on the needles right now, so I am going to need to be making some decisions about that soon. In the meantime, in the last day and a half I accomplished this:

More Baby Bibs O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting. I just love them. They are so so easy, but yet just so adorable. I highly recommend if you have a baby to knit for that you knit some of these. I finished one in just a few hours yesterday, so the time commitment is minimal, but the results are huge! I made these out of more Sugar'N Cream that I had in the stash. The buttons once again came from Joann's.

I feel like I have lots of little odds and ends to share.

This weekend involved some yarn dyeing once again. Slowly I am getting better at it. I think I am starting to pick better color combinations and making much less of a mess from when I first started a couple months ago. So that's good.

The other day I was looking through the Herschnerr's Catalog that came to my house and I saw this:

Some of you may be thinking- what an ugly afghan!? I say, "Holy shit. There it is--the afghan that my aunt made for my parents thirty years ago as a wedding gift!" My parents still have it too. And, yes, while it is ugly and the pattern is for crochet, I feel like I have to get the pattern and yarn for it. That blanket was a staple in my childhood and I just have to make one, no matter how ugly. So, anyway, that was kind of crazy.

Well, I guess that is all for now. There has been minimal sock knitting and it's not looking good for this week either. I just want to knit more baby bibs.

Happy Knitting!

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