Hey Look! It's Soleil!

Ah, yes, here it is. The moment everyone has been waiting for....FO pics of Soleil!

The specs:

The Pattern: Soleil (free from Knitty)
The Yarn: Elann Sonata
The Needle: Size 5 (which is what I needed to get gauge)
The Cost: $0!!! The yarn was from my SP10, Shelley, and the needles I had from a previous project.
The Verdict: Pretty good. I wish I would have knit it about two inches longer before starting the v-neck. I like my shirts pretty long, and should have considered that while knitting. Oh well. I think it still looks grand!

It feels good to be done with a big project. I have nothing big on the needles right now, so I am going to need to be making some decisions about that soon. In the meantime, in the last day and a half I accomplished this:

More Baby Bibs O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting. I just love them. They are so so easy, but yet just so adorable. I highly recommend if you have a baby to knit for that you knit some of these. I finished one in just a few hours yesterday, so the time commitment is minimal, but the results are huge! I made these out of more Sugar'N Cream that I had in the stash. The buttons once again came from Joann's.

I feel like I have lots of little odds and ends to share.

This weekend involved some yarn dyeing once again. Slowly I am getting better at it. I think I am starting to pick better color combinations and making much less of a mess from when I first started a couple months ago. So that's good.

The other day I was looking through the Herschnerr's Catalog that came to my house and I saw this:

Some of you may be thinking- what an ugly afghan!? I say, "Holy shit. There it is--the afghan that my aunt made for my parents thirty years ago as a wedding gift!" My parents still have it too. And, yes, while it is ugly and the pattern is for crochet, I feel like I have to get the pattern and yarn for it. That blanket was a staple in my childhood and I just have to make one, no matter how ugly. So, anyway, that was kind of crazy.

Well, I guess that is all for now. There has been minimal sock knitting and it's not looking good for this week either. I just want to knit more baby bibs.

Happy Knitting!


  1. That color and pattern look terrific on you! Nicely done.

  2. Was the yarn a worsted or sport weight? Yummy color and you did a fine job on the Soleil! Cute bibs, too.

    And I laughed about the afghan...you go, girl; there's just something about the stuff you grew up with that stays in your very soul.

  3. Your Soleil is gorgeous! Great job. The color is fabulous on you.

  4. Great job on the Soleil!

    If the afghan makes you feel good then I say go for it.

  5. Cute! Are you going to wear it tomorrow? (Soliel, not the bibs. It's not usually that kind of knitting night.)

  6. Soliel is beautiful! :) You look great in it! I'm not bold enough to wear red. I'm usually the one in a baggy black T-shirt and ratty jeans hiding in the corner lol.

    And the afghan isn't THAT ugly. But of course, when it's 30 degrees outside, I'll snuggle with anything! Good luck with it, looks like a big project!

    And I HAVE to get that book! The bibs are adorable :) Makes me wish Birdie had a baby brother or sister to knit for.

  7. Jen, super job!! It looks great. I am so glad you like it. That color is Y-O-U!

  8. Fabulous job! I can totally understand about the afghan. You must!

  9. The sweater looks great! After seeing the bibs you made, I think that I will have to pull out that book and make some for my cousins! They are too cute!

  10. You have been tagged!!

  11. Well done! Soleil looks fab! Such a great red for a summer top.


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