Alert the media! She is finishing projects!

Thanks for all the happy blogiversary comments! Very nice people, all of you are. :)

And, now, a quick post about the latest FO in the land o' Jen's knitting: Mike's hat!! I decided to not use the Lion Brand, but instead used some Paton's Classic Wool I had around.

Here are some specs:
Pattern: My own. I referred to the Kim's Hats patterns in Last Minute Knitted Gifts for some reference on number of stitches, etc. Yeah, like I would actually knit a gauge swatch to figure that out. :)
Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool
Needles: Size 7 straights. While I love knitting socks for their dpn/in the round goodness, I hate knitting hats in the round. So I knit it flat and seamed up the back.
The result: Another Christmas gift can be crossed off the list. Hooray!

The other thing that I have to say about this hat is while some people might not like the swirly decreases, I happen to like them-nay, love them.

Next on the Christmas list o' knitting is to finish the socks I started for unnamed male friend. A heel has been turned on sock number two and we are on the way to the cuff!

Finally, in the yarn factory o' me there is some yarn a-drying currently. I have no picture right now. (Sorry, it looks good too). Today I started thinking about having some sort of sock yarn club. I think I would keep it small (like 10-12 openings) and send yarn out, like, Feb, April, June, and August of next year. Does that sound like something anyone would be interested in? I don't know how much I would charge, probably somewhere around $120-150 including the shipping. Oh, and there would be goodies too, I think. Goodies are what make it good. Like I said, it's not a definite thing, just putting some feelers out there. . . .

Ok, I probably should get back to work now. (Shh, I won't tell your boss that you read my blog at work if you don't tell my boss I posted to my blog while at work.) :)

Happy knitting!


  1. Sock club? With knitting like crazy yarn. Yes, please.

    But, start it in JANUARY since the Christmas let down opens one's time schedule to KNIT!

    Do a "secret" vote or poll on patterns - put up 5 choices and each sock club member votes and the winner is the surprise in the mail!

    Sounds like fun!

  2. Ok, I didn't read blogs yesterday, so a belated congrats to you!

    Also, I love the hat! You did a really nice job, and the swirly decreases look fine. They add character to the hat!

    As for the sock yarn club...sounds good, only problem, I don't knit with sock yarn! Now if you started to dye heavier weighted yarns, I would be all over it! So in your free time, feel free to dye some up for me! lol!

  3. Zippity-zip on Mike's hat! So cute and you used yarn you already had. Two thumbs up!

  4. Great hat! I'm glad it's finally cooling down enough to wear hats :)

  5. Great hat!

    Nice job getting another item crossed off the x-mas list!

  6. I love the hat.

    if I knew how to knit I would consider joining your sock yarn club.

    hope you are having a good week and the behavior interventions are working :)


  7. You know how I feel about your sock yarn. I'm in.


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