Don't worry--I won't let the fame go to my head. . . .

So, today I came home from work, came to the computer, checked iTunes and saw that the latest Socks & the City Podcast was downloading. While I am always happy when there is a new podcast by Carrie, today I was particularly excited because I knew she would be mentioning my Etsy site. WooHoo! A very big thanks to Carrie for that plug and I hope you enjoy the yarn!

Ok, now onto a little etsy shop plug of my own. I had been seeing some of Ruth's yarn out there in some various groups on Ravelry, and I finally gave in and got some of her yarn:

It's called Canyon Sunrise. Seriously, people, I wish I could dye this well. I got the yarn and immediately wound it up and started a-knitting:
Look at that sock! There is no pooling. There is no striping. Just a bunch of pretty colors perfectly blending together. Seriously, I think I want to marry this yarn. She has lots of pretty yarn on her Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5114631

And then there is the free yarn:

One of the guys I work with has an obssession with alpacas. Like obssessed he wants to move to Bolivia and raise alpacas. This past week he went to some kind of alpaca show and was so nice to buy me some yarn because he knows I love the knitting. It is so soft. I am thinking I am going to knit this. Ok, I may be sitting here with the pattern, the yarn, and the needles waiting to stop blogging. :)

Well, as evidenced by this post I am definitely casting on more than I am finishing these days. The knitting bug has got me again. I am telling myself I can cast one this one more project but then I have to start finishing things. My WIP list is getting way to big. I like to keep it at two to three and I am currently at 7. That's way too many for me. Oh well.

Happy knitting!

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