Socks, Socks, Socks. . . .

Despite being so very busy with day job and yarn job, there has been much sock knitting going on. I guess that's what happens when you have lots of season finales of reality shows to watch (like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars).

So, I finally got around to finishing my worsted weight socks: The Specs:
The Yarn: Louet Gems Worsted
The Needles: Size 3
The Pattern: Generic toe-up that is in my head. I started increasing as the socks got longer in the cuff area.
Time to knit: Around a month (but I was knitting other stuff in between, of course)
The Result: The perfect socks for when I am out field sampling in the winter. These babies are warm!

Then my knitting buddy, Jenni, and I decided to have our own sock knitting KAL. A mini-KAL if you will. I present to you Mingus:

This pattern is a Cookie A. pattern and therefore awesome. This is not a pattern that you want to knit while at your knitting group, or on break at work when you are already having a bad day. It will make you want to rip your hair out. But, if you are chilling at home, enjoying an iced tea and a nice spring breeze through the apartment, then it is the perfect sock. I am in love with the Mingus. I may want to marry it.

But, then, because I need a sock to take to knitting group and/or work, I decided to start a modified Hedera sock because it is mostly mindless:I had seen this mod on Ravelry, and I was in love with the sock. You can see the pictures of the awesome socks that inspired me here.

Well, that's pretty much all for now. I am super excited for my vacation next week to Niagara Falls. (Oh, and my sister and I are going to drive to Toronto one day to go to Lettuce Knit and the space needle thingy). Of course, I have already started making lists of the knitting to bring.

Have a great day everyone! Happy knitting!

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