A Bird in the Hand. . . .

You may recall, that last year I tried to knit some Bird in Hand mittens. Everyone (including myself) thought they looked pretty good, but I ended up frogging them. Why? I was knitting them on size 1 needles and it was just too tight and they were kind of small and by the time I got to the thumb my hands hurt so much I just ripped them out and called it a day. It was sad, for I loved the mitten, but it had to be done.

Cut to a couple weeks ago. A few of the ladies in my knitting group expressed an interest in knitting these mittens. So, I decided to organize a little Bird in Hand KAL for the 7-8 of us. It was just what I needed to get motivated to work on these mittens again. This time in a lovely red and beige combo:
This time, armed with the experience of last year's knitting fiasco, I smartly went up to a size two (an Addi size two, which, in my opinion, is more like a 2.5) and I went to the two circular method rather than using dpns. It is going SO MUCH BETTER. I am in love with my mitten.

I am also ridiculously excited about these mittens, as they will match the coat I bought a couple weeks ago. Hooray for mittens!

Not only am I super motivated to finish these because I want to wear them, I also want them done because I have decided that when I complete these I can start working on a February Lady Sweater (all you knitters reading know that this sweater is all the rage right now. And, I do enjoy following the crowd on these things).

That's all for now. Unfortunately, I am off to work now. I wish I could stay home today and knit a mitten. That is a much better use of my time I think.

Oh! I have one more thing to add. As you know, I made a knitting resolution of not buying any sock yarn until Stitches. I have decided to revise this a little. I can buy the sock yarn if it is for a specific project that is not socks. For example, I see myself wanting to knit another Clapotis in the future, and I would really like to use some nice STR or something for it. I think it is a good revision.

Happy knitting!

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