Oh, Camellia

Yesterday proved to be a pretty good knitting day. I finished weaving in ends and bought a button for my current love affair--Camellia:

Look I am all seamed up and ready to go!

Hmm, I think I look pretty good.

It fits! A success!

The Specs:
The Pattern: Camellia by Stefanie Japel
The Yarn: Cascade 109 in the Arctic Ice colorway, 6 skeins exactly
The Needles: US Size 11
The Time to Knit: About a month. This sweater did have to sit in time out some of that time though.
The Verdict: There was a moment when I first tried it on that I wasn't sure about it. But, I am really starting to love it. I think it's cute!

So, that's one sweater done and I am 20% of the way to meeting my 5 sweaters in 2009 goal. What's a girl to do but cast on for another sweater, right? Hmm, well, since it's February and I am a Lady. . . .

Stay tuned.

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