Sock Yarn and the Sock Summit

Ok, so I have been painfully awful about updating my etsy site. But, today I finally got around to updating it with some new yarn (and new colorways).

First, there is Sometime Around Midnight in a bamboo/wool blend:
Can you say delicious?

Then there is some Kona Superwash in the colorway Staring at the Sun:
Yikes! I am bright, but a complicated stitch pattern would look mighty fine with me!

As always, you can find both of these on my etsy site.

Ok, enough of the shameless plug. Can we please just talk about Sock Summit for a moment? I am so going to this thing. A weekend surrounded by sock yarn* and people who love to knit socks!? Yes, please! My friend, Jenni, and I are definitely going to go and I am pretty sure we have roped in a few other people into our little sock knitting adventure. I cannot wait. The hotel has been reserved. The days off work have been requested. Extensive research is being conducted on cheap flights to Portland. This is going to be epic.

*yes, yes, I know my New Year's Resolution was to not buy sock yarn until Stitches Midwest in September and Sock Summit is in August, but c'mon. I did not know that SS would be a reality when I made the aforementioned resolution. And, if I make it all the way to August without buying sock yarn, that is a pretty big accomplishment.

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