Blogging and the new house!

Normally, when crazy stuff happens on the internet (ravelry, other people's blogs, whatever), I pretty much keep my opinions to myself.

This time, I just have to blog about it.

So, most of the knitting readers probably know about the whole Yarn Harlot crazy commenter thingy. I read the post too. It's pretty intense.

When thinking about this whole thing I also think about my high school buddy Kristi, who recently got not such a nice comment on her blog.

The solution is simple: if you read a blog and you don't agree/like what they have to say, then don't continue to read it. Now, that doesn't mean you aren't entitled to your opinion or whatever, that's cool. But, seriously, if you are going to send mean, hurtful emails/comments and write horrible terrible things on your blog (yeah, I found the offending blogger in the Yarn Harlot thing, and wow, not a nice person at all), you have a major problem. What was accomplished? Just looks like someone trying to get attention to me. I mean, I guess it worked, she got hundreds of emails from Yarn Harlot supporters.

Everyone should just play nice in blogland. And especially knitting blogland (in the case of Yarn Harlot) or Christian mom blogland (in Kristi's case). Either are not the place for nasty bloggy ickiness.

Back to my regularly scheduled blogging. . . .

So, Alex and I finally bought the house on Thursday!
We are both so excited. There is a little redecorating to do:Which we started on right away:(I did keep that spike rack thing. It will be the perfect yarn dye holder for in the basement....more on that later)

Anyway, things are crazy, but good. We are working on the house a little bit at a time. Tomorrow painting will begin. Not a lot of knitting is happening. But, that's ok, Sock Summit is a little more than a week away! Lots of knitting will be done then.

Happy knitting everyone. And, please, let's all play nice. :)

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