Alpaca Extravaganza!

Today Alex and I ventured over to the Lake County Fairgrounds to check out the Northern IL Alpaca Extravaganza (seriously, that is the name of the event).

I am so happy that Alex has decided to love alpacas. Especially ever since we drove around checking out alpaca farms during Alpaca Days, alpacas are not an uncommon topic in our house! It is so fun to go to this kind of stuff with him. Anyway, we walked around checking out all the alpacas from all the different farms and then we watched a little bit of the alpaca competition:It was super interesting to watch the judges check out each alpaca, and then talk a little bit about why he or she ranked them in a certain way. It was very cool.

And, of course, I couldn't get out of there without buying at least a little yarn, right? So here is some Shady Haven's Prime Alpaca yarn:
My plan was to go in there and find some nice undyed yarn and make a hat or lacy cowl with it. But I saw this and fell in love. Will it be a fourth Ishbel? A hat and scarf? I am not sure. But I love, love, love it.

I highly recommend that everyone go check out an alpaca show. It is super fun and cheap (hello! It was free!).

Happy alpaca petting. And knitting, of course.

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