Baby Bibs O' Love

I love me some nice cotton baby bibs. Some Baby Bibs O' Love, that is.
They are a pretty quick knit, useful, and are always a hit with the expectant mommy.These are for a friend of a friend (a nice lady that I have gotten to know a bit over the years). Apparently, she is having a Noah's Ark themed baby room, and needed some bibs to reflect that. I can't argue with that.
They sure are cute.

The Specs:

The Pattern: Baby Bibs O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting
The Yarn: Sugar'n Cream, various colors
The Needles: US Size 4
The Buttons: Various misc. buttons purchased from Joann's
The Time to Knit: Well, I can knit one in a couple of hours (if I am uninterrupted). It took a few weeks to complete the set and get the buttons all sewn on and ready to go.
The Result: Some of the best baby bibs I have produced yet, I think!

So, what are you favorite baby patterns to knit?

Happy knitting!


  1. Zebras! I usually wish I could drop 30 years off my age and go out drinking and dancing all night again. Now I want to drop 50+ years and have a milk binge with some Zebras! All these bibs are the CUTEST ... THINGS...EVER!!!

  2. Oh, my WORD! Those are seriously awesome. If Nate and I ever make up our minds and decide to have #3, I might have to finally take the knitting plunge in order to make those. ;)

  3. Those are adorable! I love that you're blogging and putting up so many fos.


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