Let me see those jazz hands

Lately I have been on a bit of a finishing kick. I don't know what's come over me. I look at all my WIPs and think about how soon I am going to finish them. It's weird. Kind of unlike me when it comes to the knitting.

And so we have Shawl That Jazz.

I started knitting this in March, knit about six inches and then threw it in a bag and forgot about it.

I picked it back up a couple weeks ago and have been pretty dedicated to it. I really haven't been working on too many other things.

It's a whole lot of garter stitch, but I think that is what makes this project so great. You can pretty much take it anywhere and work on it. There are short rows, but as a sock knitter those didn't throw me at all. Just a bunch of perfectly mindless knitting!

The Specs:

The Pattern: Shawl That Jazz by Samantha Roshak
The Yarn: Briar Rose Wistful purchased at the Midwest Fiber and Fold Art Fair in 2007. I bought this yarn to be a Morning Glory Wrap. I still really want to make that wrap, just with a lighter color yarn.
The Needles: US Size 8 and US Size 10
The Mods: None. Well, I was a little confused by the make 2 in the edging part so I kind of winged it. It looks a little different than the pattern intended, but I really love it anyway.
The Time to Knit: Just shy of six months. That was with a lot of sitting in the closet, not being knit time. Probably was a month of on and off knitting total.
The Results: Love it. I thought about giving this away as a Christmas gift, but I have decided that I just can't part with it. Merry Xmas to me, I say!

Happy knitting!

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