WIP Wednesday

So, I am sitting here at work, thinking about all the unfinished projects on the needles (good use of my time, I know).

Anyway, last night I was on twitter saying I was going to finish up a couple of projects. Well, there was some Christmas tree purchasing and what not going on in my house and there was no knitting last night! Argh. But here it is, Wednesday, and it seems like a good idea to get some of those WIPs out this afternoon.

Maybe I will finally finish those baby bibs (the baby they are intended for has been born! Better get a move on with those!). Or perhaps the beet for the Beets for Dwight group on Ravelry? I do need to send that in ASAP!

As you can see it's almost done. And so are those bibs.

Ah, a knitter's work is never done.

So, what's one your needles? Any pesky WIPs you are trying to finish up today?

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