Book Review: The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques

It's time for another book review! This time, it's a book about finishing: The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman.
I actually heard about this book on the Webs podcast awhile back before I obtained a copy. I remember hearing on the podcast that this book was essential for all knitters. And, I have to say, they were right!

For me, who is someone who learned to knit out of some flimsy little 12 page book from a big box craft store, I still (even almost six years later) feel like I am missing some of the skills that could make my knitting look incredible. This book covers almost everything I would want to know about those finishing techniques. The book covers all kinds of things: cast ons, increases, decreases, selvages, bind offs, seams, picking up stitches, borders and button holes. While the first few sections were a review for me, the material in seams, picking up stitches, and button holes I found particularly useful.

Each section includes descriptions on the technique, written out steps on how to execute the technique, a pro/con list, and a couple diagram/pictures.The photos of the actual knitting were very clear and I found it nice to have those pics in there. The next time I make a buttonhole, you can bet I will be referring to this book and then checking to see if my knitting looks like the picture! :)

I seriously mean it when I say that I think just about every knitter can benefit from having this book. It will fit in most knitting bags, and it covers lots of stuff that you might not have memorized if you aren't doing it in your knitting all the time.

The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques is published through Martingale and Company and is available on Amazon for $16.47.

Got any good knitting books lately?

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