Contest Winner and Upcoming Book Reviews!

Well, I used the trusty random number generator to find a winner of the Easy Cable Knits book. And the winner is. . . .


(Ella - please check your Rav mail. I sent you a message about collecting your prize!)

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog. I do hope you will be coming by again to read more reviews and see some things I've knit and stuff.

So, while we are on the topic of book reviews, I thought I would talk a little about some book goodies I got for Christmas! This year was full of lots of books. I plan on reviewing the knitting ones in the future here on the ol' blog. So, let's see. I got Big Girl Knits and Vintage Baby Knits. Both were books I asked for and I can't wait to take a better look at. Alex also gave me a book called The Natural Knitter. I hadn't heard of this book, but it seems really cool. And, I thought it was super thoughtful as we have enjoyed looking at alpacas this past summer. I was also very lucky and got a gift card to Webs. You can bet that was spent in no time!

Something else that Alex gave me was a Podcastudio and the book Podcasting for Dummies. Now, I have not decided for sure that a knitting podcast is in my future, but I am about 97% sure. :) So, stay tuned for that.

Anyway, kind of a long weird post to say thanks for reading the blog, there are more reviews coming and maybe even a podcast.

Coming up tomorrow. . . . a podcast review! Happy knitting. :)

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