Baby Moc-A-Soc

I am kind of liking this From The Queue Friday thing on my blog. It's forcing me to really look at all those things I want to knit. And then actually knit them! So, a couple weeks ago I featured the Baby Moc-A-Soc, and then immediately bought the pattern. I mean, how could I not? They are adorable!Little shoes for a wee little one. Complete with faux socks. Seriously.
For a split second (just a quick little split second) it makes my biological clock tick. Obviously, that means it must be successful baby knitting!
I think these little booties are going to look great on baby Rambo (which is the name we are using to refer to my niece or nephew-to-be. My brothers thought of it. Of course.). I knit them out of KnitPicks Shine Sport and KnitPicks Comfy Sport. Comfy indeed.

Happy knitting. And, Happy New Year!

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