Baby WIPs

As my sister continues to grow a baby, I continue to knit for it. I have a couple projects on the needles right now. Both are likely to be finished up in the next week or so. First up, it's a Baby Peapod Sweater:Ok, a Baby Peapod Sweater, minus the sleeves. I will be knitting those soon. I swear.

And then there is the carseat blanket:
This one is quite a bit further along than what you are seeing here. Had lots of good knitting time in the last few days, and I have been pretty dedicated to working on this one.I am really liking this car seat blanket. Small, cute, and enough lace to keep a knitter interested!

The Peapod Baby Sweater is currently unavailable (I printed it off the Interweave website a few years ago) and the Car Seat Blanket is available for free here.

Happy knitting!


  1. Love the car seat blanket! I may steal that idea for my niece's baby. I'm copying you an awful lot lately. Great ideas!

  2. Nice work! Thanks for the blanket pattern too :) My sister isn't a knitter, but she promised she would buy me yarn when I got pregnant so that I could knit everything I wanted lol! :) I added this one to my list!


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