Stash Sock of the Month Club

Over the weekend, I was hanging around on Twitter, and saw that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was planning on taking her own advice and was going to make a sock of the month club out of her stash. I remember her saying this somewhere else before (in one of her books or on the blog or something, I think) and it seemed like a really good idea. So, I organized one out of my stash: Sorry for the bad iPhone pic there. It's all I have of the Sock of the Month kit making. I dug through the stash and went through my Rav. queue and some of the books that have been much neglected on my bookshelf and came up with 12 kits. The plan is to pull one out at random at the beginning of each month and knit the kit. Good use of the stash, I say! And who knows? Maybe I will get through them quickly. My knitting bud Jen seems to think I could do 24 in a year, but I don't know. That's a lot of socks.

So what do we have for January? Well, it's something out of this yarn:
Which is my own hand-dyed yarn. It's Crazy Soft Sock in the City of Blinding Lights colorway. (I have another skein on etsy...tempt, tempt). And, the pattern?

Why, it's Bellatrix! This pattern has been in my queue for well over a year and it was time. It was the perfect yarn for the pattern. A great start to my Stash Sock of the Month kit! Currently I am on the cuff of sock number two. It's a really quick knitting sock.
So, what are you knitting this week? Planning on making any kits of your own?
Happy knitting!


  1. Kim L-H2:24:00 PM


    This is too funny... I'm working on making my own "SSOTMC" too today! I got the idea from my new 2010 page-a-day calendar written by our dear Yarn Harlot. Great way to use up that sock yarn AND get to the amazing sock patterns that I've been drooling over. Happy knitting!

  2. I so need to do this too! And I agree with Jen, I think you could do 24 in a year!

  3. I did Sock a Month last year, but I was too busy in December to even start the 12th pair. But I still think that 24 socks is possible.

  4. Love it! I just downloaded the pattern. Can't wait to see all the socks you come up with. I may even copy you and do the same.

  5. That colorway made for some perfect socks! I'm not a sock knitter (yet) but I do appreciate the socks other knitters knit. Bravo!

  6. great idea! Is it cheating if I make kits out of previous sock club offerings? lol! :) I hope you have a fun sock-knitting year!

  7. Wow! That yarn was perfect for that pattern!

  8. I love kits! I also love buying clearance yarn, so it's an adventure to go through patterns, and yarns and do the matching. It makes me feel so creative and artsy when I find a pattern/yarn combo that works.


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