Sunday Night Etsy Site - Penny Rose Yarns

Ok, so I am totally loving all my little segments on my blog (like From the Queue Friday and the reviews that have been popping up on Wednesdays). So, now to introduce a new regularly scheduled blog segment. . . The Sunday Night Etsy Site!

So, I think that is pretty self-explanatory. Here we go.

I am starting out with one of my absolute faves. It's Ruth of Penny Rose Yarns! I 'met' Ruth on Ravelry a couple years ago. It didn't take long to realize that this lady has a real eye for color!She is known as the Queen of the Pastels among indie yarn dyers. But, she doesn't just do pastels well, she does it all so well.

Here is just a sampling of the stuff you can find in her shop:
That's right. The woman doesn't just dye yarn, she also writes amazing sock and lace patterns. Seriously, go check her out.

Ruth's etsy site can be found at http://fritzl.etsy.com

Happy Etsy shopping!

Note: Pictures are from Penny Roses' Etsy site.

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