From the Queue Friday - V-Day Edition

Well, with Valentine's Day being this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to share some patterns that are fitting for such a holiday.

First up, is one of craziest, most awesome knitted things I think I have ever seen. It's the Luvgun:

I mean, seriously!? A luvgun!? That is just flippin' awesome. I have no doubt I will knit this someday. It just has to happen. This is a Mochimochiland pattern and is available for download on Ravelry for $5.00.

Next up are some little knitted hearts:
Photo from MochiMochiland's Flickr Photostream. And, if you have never checked out these Flickr pics, you should. Her stuff is AMAZING.

These hearts are also by MochiMochiland and the pattern is available for free here.

Finally, here is the Winged Heart Tatoo:
Photo from AnnyPurl's Flickr Photostream.

You know you would love to give that to your mom. You can get this Winged Heart Tattoo pattern by AnnyPurls as a free Ravelry download.

So, what's new in your queue? Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day!

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