Sock Summit Stash: Status Update

So, I was just thinking the other day that it has been about six months since Sock Summit. Man, was that ever a good time. Anyway, I was thinking about all that yarn I bought and was wondering if it was all still in the stash or if I was using it up in a timely fashion. So, first up, as a reminder, here is the haul from Sock Summit:Yeah, that is the most yarn I have ever bought at once. But, it was worth it. Again, such a good time. Anyway, here is a lovely mosaic of some things I have finished with the Sock Summit Stash:So, I have used up three skeins on one skein lace shawls, two skeins on socks (which, to be honest, I knit while at SS), one skein is currently being used in some Froot Loop Socks (more on those later), and a wee bit of a skein was used for the kid socks.

If my math is right, that's six full skeins and about a 1/3 of another skein. Not too bad. About one skein a month. And, I happen to know that at least two more skeins are in my Stash Sock Yarn of the Month kits I made in January. :)

So, did you go to Sock Summit? Been knitting up that Sock Summit Stash?

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