"Design Your Own Shawl" Shawl, Part II

So, I have been talking for awhile about how I took part in Stefanie Japel's Design Your Own Shawl Online class recently. The class is over now, but I still have been working on my shawl design, trying to iron out the kinks and make something I really love.

Here is my second shawl with my new design.
I am not dead set on it yet, and I made some adjustments to the edging this time. Stefanie said "it's your first shawl, it's not THE shawl," so hopefully I will get that into my head and stop tinkering with it too much soon. Plus, I have a super awesome design (well, it's awesome in my head anyway) that I want to start on in the very near future.

This class really was a great time. Come back on Wednesday to read my review of the class.

Happy shawl knitting everyone!

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