Handspun - Fat Cat Knits

So, as I mentioned on Thursday, I totally have gotten the spinning bug again. I have been spinning up yarn left and right. It's ridiculous.

This yarn was spun up from some Fat Cats Knits roving I bought some time ago. I think it turned out just great.
I went with a two ply with this one, and I got that nice barberpole look, which is the whole reason I wanted to start spinning in the first place.
I don't know what this one will become. I have lots of single handspun skeins being added to the stash. I think lots of people might be getting hats for Christmas. :) (Plus, did you see that hat in Knitty!? It was perfect timing considering the rate at which I am spinning up random skeins o' yarn.)

I ended up with 220 yards on this one. It's about a worsted weight (although I am still spinning thick and thin (and not on purpose) so in some spots it's a little bulky and in some spots it's more like a DK...and I am totally ok with that).

Happy spinning!

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