The Spinning Bug

So, it seems that in the last couple of weeks the spinning bug has gotten under my skin again. I don't know what makes it come and go, but when I get the urge to spin, I don't let it pass me by.

I spin.

Awhile back I had talked about some roving I got from Creatively Dyed at a Stitches Midwest event a couple years ago. The first half of that roving went on to become a nice worsted weight yarn, which then turned into my Handspun Shawlette.
Now, the second half of the roving has been spun, plied (a nice Navajo three ply) and has also become a nice worsted weight yarn.

I have no clue what I will do with this skein. It may become mittens or a hat to match the shawlette. But who knows. It needs to marinate in the stash for a bit to figure out what it wants to be. :)
And, since that spinning bug still seems to be with me, I started on something new. More on that later. :)

Happy spinning (and knitting)!

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