WIP: March Sock Stash of the Month Socks

I have been going strong with my Stash Sock of the Month Club this year. This month I am going with a pattern and yarn that I picked up at Sock Summit in August - Curling Tendril Socks with some Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn:While at the Sock Summit, I was grabbed by the pattern first. There was a sample knit up and I got all squee-like and just had to have it. It was so pretty. Shortly thereafter, I made my way over to the Hazel Knits booth to pick out my yarn. And, because the sample was so pretty, I went with the same colorway for my socks: Toad Lily.
They are coming out just great. I made a couple minor mods to the pattern (more on that once they are done). I am so in love with these socks, I may want to marry them. :)

Happy sock knitting!

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