Dropping By. . . .

So, I was on this huge awesome roll of blogging for the last couple months. And then work happened.

As many of you know, I work in a municipal lab testing wastewater. It's a pretty good job. You can't beat the amount of sick time you can earn, and I get floating holidays coming out my ears. Sure, the poop factor is nasty, but I think it is part of the charm of my job. Most people have boring jobs no one wants to hear about. Me? I have a job where I can tell stories about used condoms falling on my arm (seriously....happened just last week).

Anyway, the job is pretty ok, and a major perk is that we are getting a brand spankin' new lab. Actually, it's done now, we are just tying up some loose ends before moving in. Because of this lab move my knitting time has gone out the window. I am working 11-12 hour days by the time I get home, all I can do is sit on the couch and bitch about how much I am at work. :)

So, hang in there. I am going to be trying to get back into the swing of blogging but it might be another week or two. I even have knitting to show off (that I finished awhile back). And, I am knitting a wee tiny bit. I have been making every effort to knit at least two rows on a baby sweater every day at work.

What have all of you been knitting? Have a good weekend. I promise I'll be back very shortly....knitting like crazy. :)

Happy knitting!

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